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    What is Meditation Good For? — Insights From an Actual Meditator

    I’ve been meditating for over 10 years, and now I could not imagine my life without it. It’s almost like saying living without oxygen. You may wonder, what is meditation good for? What’s the big deal? Why is everyone talking about it? There are different types of meditations and just like shoes, one size does not fit all. You have to find what works for you. Personally I’ve had so many benefits that I could probably write a whole book about it. However, I’ve just created the list below to show you some of my top 5 benefits that I’ve gained from doing meditation. 1. Coping With The Death Of…

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    Welcome to meditationroomsupplies.com, it’s so wonderful that you are here! Breathing in, breathing out… My name is Carmen and I’ve been meditating for over 10 years. It first began as I tried out yoga…actually I went in trying to learn Tai Chi, but the yoga classes were included, so I gave yoga a try. I had never done yoga before, and from the first class I was completely relaxed! Before going in for my first yoga class, I was extremely stressed out (my neck was so tight I could barely move it from left to right). It was wonderful being able to move my body around, but my favorite part…

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