Meditation While Having to Stay at Home

meditating while having to stay at homeMany of us are having to stay home during these challenging times that our world is going through.

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty among many people. Am I going to get sick? Will a loved one also get sick? How am I going to make it, etc.?

I've been fortunate enough to have learned meditation and spiritual teachings for over 10 years. So I've decided to share some of my wisdom with you.

Even if you don't finish reading this post, just know one thing. You are going to be ok.

Who Can Meditate

I know that meditation might be a something new for some people; so there might still be some confusion about it.

Just know that meditation is not a religion, so it does not matter whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, etc. You can still meditate.

Age does not matter either, you can be a young child or “Young At Heart”.

Just like learning to walk, or brushing our teeth, it’s just going to take practice.

Reasons to Meditate

Meditation helps calm the mind: Had I not been meditating for all those years, I would have probably gone crazy by now.

Our world is too fast paced, too many expectations, so many distractions, way more mental stimulation than in the past, and the list could go on, but you get the idea.

When you meditate, it makes you sane again.

You can feel more centered: Everyday we are focused on so many external things: go to work, take the kids to daycare, go grocery shopping, birthday parties, paying bills, taking care of the house, parenting, dating, and much more.

If you see from the list above, it’s all about doing one thing after another, non stop. This takes so much energy out of us everyday.

When we meditate, this helps with just Being rather than Doing. This takes us back to who we truly are, down deep inside of us.

There is nothing wrong with having to go to work, taking care of the kids, and so on. However, if all day long we are just Doing, this creates an imbalance. We need to give our minds a break.

Just like we would not walk non stop for 24 hours, we must sit down and rest.

By meditating, we take care our ourselves by giving our minds a break.

It helps with mental focus: Meditation helps with having a mental anchor inside of you. If you have to work from home, and you have kids around you, this is specially helpful since it will help you laser focus on your work rather than what’s going on in the house.

When you are able to focus, then you become more productive. Check out this other post for more ideas:

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Where to Meditate

Having a designated place to meditate is very helpful, since this will signal your brain that it’s now time to mediate and stop all other activities.

Everyone’s living situation is different, so just adjust to what you have. Here are some suggestions:

    • In the corner of your bedroom
    • In the basement
    • In the attic
    • Spare bedroom
    • A comfortable chair in your living room
    • In the backyard
    • In a special corner in the balcony if you live in an apartment

    You can also check out these others posts for more detailed ideas:
    If you are surrounded by a bunch of people and you are trying to do this meditation while having to stay at home, and you can’t “escape them”, then you can try to meditate in:

    • Your walk-in closet
    • While sitting down in your bathtub
    • Sitting down in your parked car (NEVER meditate while driving)

    meditate with othersAlso, if you are home with other loved ones, why not try to mediate together? When there is a group meditation, it helps create more harmony.

    Check out these meditation supplies to help you create your peaceful meditation space.

    How To Meditate


    There are different ways to mediate, one is not better than others. It all depends on what you prefer. However, now I’ll be teaching you how to do a meditation while having to stay at home, to help with the current situation.

    1. To begin with find a comfortable place to sit down, whether a meditation cushion or on a chair. If you need to, put some pillows on the back of the chair and/or the seat area.

    2. Wear comfortable loose clothes, nothing too tight.

    3. Next, make sure that your back is straight, not too rigid, but in a comfortable position.

    Let’s begin with a state of gratitude

    While sitting down, gently close your eyes.

    Put both hands on your chest. Then bring to mind 3 things that you are really grateful for:

    • It could be a favorite childhood memory
    • The sensation of petting your pet (even if he/she already passed away)
    • Remembering your favorite vacation
    • Your children
    • Anything that you remembered brought you happiness.

    Now don’t just remember something, but try to feel it. This can be very powerful, and if tears of joy come running down your cheeks, then you know you got it right.

    As you remember things just say to yourself, Thank You.

    Stay in this gratitude space for as long as you wish. This alone could be your daily meditation.

    Meditation While Having to Stay at Home

    Once you have entered a state of gratitude, let’s do the following meditation:

    • Keep your eyes closed.

    • Gently rest your hands facing up on your lap if sitting down on a chair, or on top of your knees if on a meditation cushion.

    • Now imagine a beautiful white healing light coming down to the crown of your head.

    • This powerful light starts to cover your entire body, and you are now in a strong protective ball of light. Nothing bad can enter here. You are safe.

    • Move your attention to the center of your chest, for the remaining of the time focus all of your energy here.

    • Then, begin to gently breathe in and breathe out, through your nose at your own pace.

    • Notice the cool air as your breathe in, and the warm air as it exits your nose.

    • Continue noticing the sensation of your breath as long as your wish.

    • Then as your breathe in, imagine that this powerful white healing light enters and protects every cell in your body.

    • As you breathe out, imagine dark smoke coming out of your nose.

    • Breathe in positive healing light.

    • Breathe out fear.

    • Breathe in hope for a better future.

    • Breathe out anxiety.

    • Breathe in everlasting joy.

    • Breathe out all the negativity in your mind.

    • Keep doing this for as long as possible.

    • Then imagine that from the center of your chest, this powerful white light starts to radiate outside your body, then out of your home, out of your neighborhood, and it continues to expand covering the entire planet.

    • This powerful white light is touching all living beings, giving them peace of mind, and you are sending them love.

    • Once you are done, gently place your hands on top of your chest, and wish everyone to be happy and free from fear.

    • Then say, Thank You.

    You can practice this meditation any time you want. It can be as short as 5 minutes and it can be as long as an hour.

    You can also do it more than once during the day.

    After the Meditation

    So now that you have finished meditating, make it a daily habit. Just like building up a muscle, it will take time. You may not get it right the first time, and that’s ok. It will get easier the more you practice it.

    I would also suggest that you also safeguard your mind. This is important all the time, but mainly during these challenging times.

    Here are some suggestions:

    -Limit how much news you watch/read. Yes we have to be informed, but there is no need to be watching the news all day long. I know that there are some people that while working form home they have the tv on playing the news…you’ll go crazy this way.

    watch funny movies-Watch funny movies. Don’t watch scary movies or movies filled with so much violence.

    -You can also watch inspirational documentaries.

    -Be careful who you talk to. If some family member, friends, or virtual coworkers only talk about “how bad it is”, keep the conversation short, or even better avoid talking to these people at all. You have to protect your mind.

    Just like an open wound, you would not want people to be touching it. Right now your mind is very vulnerable, so you have to protect it.








    Spreading the Love





    spread the loveYou are a channel of love, use this meditation while having to stay at home every day. I can promise you that the more you do it, the better you are going to feel.

    Is the glass half full or half empty? It all depends on your perspective.

    I’m taking advantage of this precious time we have to be at home, to go even deeper on my meditation practice.

    Rather than thinking, when is this going to be over? You can be like, Thank You for this opportunity that I have to mediate. I could be stuck in traffic, or running some errands, but now life has giving me the precious gift of “Time” so I can have peace of mind.

    If you are stuck at home, do this meditation, it will bring more good than you could possible imagine.

    Share it with others too. Instead of complaining about what you can’t do, be grateful that you can meditate, which in turn will make you happy, and will help your friends and family during these times.

    Be a beacon of love and hope.

    Please share your comments below, I love hearing from you.

    And remember to share the love, send this post to someone who needs it right now.

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