• my zen master
    Inspiration for Meditation

    My Zen Master had Whiskers and Pointy Ears

    In my meditation practice I’ve had different meditation teachers that have influenced my life one way or the other. I was very lucky to have one very special teacher that I loved very dearly. All the way from the first moment he came into my life, until I saw him take his last breath, he helped me tremendously. My zen master had whiskers and pointy ears—he was my beloved cat. So in his memory, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the lessons he taught me.   Chop Wood, Carry Water A very basic lesson in Zen Buddhism is to chop wood and carry water.…

  • True meditation Adyashanti
    Inspiration for Meditation

    True Meditation — A Fresh Approach as Taught by Adyashanti

    True Meditation Are you interested in meditation, but find it a bit overwhelming with all of the many meditation methods and techniques available? Are you a long time meditator who is still searching for that elusive state of inner peace? Maybe you have been occasionally able to find that place of calm and quiet within yourself through meditation, but you sense that there must be a simpler and more direct way to get there, rather than through a lot of striving and struggling with your mind. Or perhaps you may have heard a lot about how beneficial meditation is, but you’re not really sure if meditation is right for you.…

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