50+ Best Meditation Holiday Gift Ideas For Women In 2022!

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I’ve meditated for over 10 years, and have hand selected these holiday gift ideas for women on this page to help you find something that will add value to her meditation practice. Let me save you time looking all over the internet for the perfect meditation gift. Here you can find exactly what you are looking for! 😃

Carmen Alfaro
Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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For Her Meditation Practice

Energy And Chakra Healing

Unlocking The Healing Power Of Your Chakras with Anodea Judith
Are you ready to improve your life through the healing power of your chakras? Uncover the deep potential of these powerful energy centers with Anodea Judith, a holistic approach to healing that everyone can benefit from. In a world filled with stress and distractions, why not take a moment to relax and take care of yourself?

Embrace Your Energy Body
with Jeffrey Allen
Want a beautiful mind, body, and soul? A valuable practice for the new generation of spiritual technologies. A gift for those who have gone through a rough time. A must-have for those who want to get away from their chaotic lives and find something more meaningful. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in energy healing, this is the ideal course for you!

Energy Medicine The Secrets of a Master Practicioner with Donna Eden

Do you know the connection between your health, emotions, and thinking? If you want to get in touch with your intuition and heal yourself from anxiety, depression, and physical disease, then Energy Medicine is for you.


Meditation Courses

Sign up today for Thich Nhat Hanh’s eight week online course – Body and Mind Are One and experience the wonders and joys of “heaven on earth”—not in an afterlife, but in this very moment.

Learn  The Silva Method’s signature tools and training for harnessing your mind’s altered states of consciousness

Explore The Power of Awareness with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach – a transformative mindfulness training program that gives you a system you can use for your own personal growth and transformation.


Wellness Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Meditation Retreats

Guided Meditations

How To Meditate For Beginner Kit Carmen Alfaro
Do you want to learn how to meditate, but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, or depression and have heard meditation can help? If so then look no further! This kit contains everything you need to start feeling better about yourself and your life–all with the use of meditation

Guided Meditation
Jack Kornfield
Let an accomplished teacher guide you past the challenges and pitfalls of meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation
Tara Brach
Mindfulness-based meditations to awaken inner calm, clarity, wisdom, and compassion.


Meditation Music

Meditations and Music for Sound Healing
Mitchell Gaynor
Connect with your own divine essence, your source of healing and well-being.

The Tibetan Healing Music Collection
Gift Box Collection Includes Rhythms of Peace, Sounds of Peace, and Quiet Mind
Nawang’s Rhythms of Peace, Sounds of Peace, and Quiet Mind together at one reduced price.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
Diáne Mandle
Tibetan bowl sound healing to reduce stress and calm your mind.

Meditation Books

Mindfulness for Beginners
Reclaiming the Present Moment—and Your Life Jon Kabat-Zinn
A primer on mindfulness from the teacher who introduced its benefits to western medicine.

True Meditation
Discover the Freedom of Pure Awareness Adyashanti
Practical instruction and three guided sessions in Adya’s unique approach to meditation.

How to Meditate
Pema Chödrön
A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind

Meditation Journals

Mindfulness: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

Meditation: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

For Her Meditation Space

Meditation Chairs

Pipersong Meditation Chair 

Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair


Oversized Egg Style Wicker Chair w/Canopy

Meditation Cushions

Hugger Mugger Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion (various colors available)

Hugger Mugger V-Shape Yoga Cushion (multiple colors)

Halfmoon Linen Mod Meditation Cushion

Meditation Tables

Cotton Craft Jaipur Solid Wood Hand Carved Accent  Table

Small meditation table

SAVON Wooden Side end Table Square yin yang Carved

Singing Bowls

Yak & Yeti Hand Hammered Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl

Yak & Yeti Tibetan Om Singing Bowl

Yak & Yeti Tibetan Om Mane Padme Singing Bowl

Buddha Statues

 Standing Bronze Buddha Statue

Buddha Head Statue Meditating

 Buddha Sculpture with Intricate Carvings and Mirrored Embellishments

Meditation Room Dividers

3 Panel Room Divider – Ore International

3 Panel Shoji Room Divider Natural – Ore International

4 Panel Book Shelves Room Divider Walnut – Ore International

Meditation Lights

Moon Light with Stand & Remote/Touch Control and USB Rechargeable


61″ Soft Light Floor Lamp With Fabric Shade & 2 Smart LED Bulbs


Himalayan  Salt Lamp  8-11 Lbs


Meditation Fountains

HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain


Meditation Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles 


 Meditation  Fountain  With 4 Level Tabletop Waterfall  Indoor Fountain 



Emerald Hearth Flourishing Forest

Boheme Fragrances Goa

Emerald Hearth Bewitching Breeze


Healing N Love Agate Moon Phases Wall Hanging

Healing N Love Large Pillar Point Crystal

Healing N Love Semi-point Free Standing Crystal

Meditation Chimes

dZi Tingsha Chimes Simple Lotus

dZi Little Lotus Table Chime

dZi Sacred Om Chime

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50 best holiday meditation gift ideas for women

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