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See how you can create your peaceful space at home to let go of stress and have inner peace in your life.


Outdoor Meditation Spaceoutdoor meditation sapce

It’s wonderful to have an outdoor meditation space! This is a very sacred space where you can be out in nature and at the same time practice mindfulness. Here you will find a guide to help you decide which type of meditation space to have, how to create an outdoor meditation space, and tips for meditating outside…Read More



how to create a meditation roomHow to Create a Meditation Room —Your Space of Peace

I love having a meditation room. This is my own sacred space which allows me to go a place of peace. Do you want to have this little piece of heaven on Earth? Let me show you the way! Below we’ll see how to create a meditation room, which will allow your mind to be calm and relaxed. Read More





relaxation room ideasRelaxation Room Ideas — How to Let Go of Stress at Home

If you want to relax you have to slow down and unplug from the world. We have been trained to multi-task and to be available all the time to answer phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets, notifications, etc. This mental overload is making people tired and sick… Read More




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