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See how you can create your peaceful space at home to let go of stress and have inner peace in your life.




how to create a meditation roomHow to Create a Meditation Room —Your Space of Peace

I love having a meditation room. This is my own sacred space which allows me to go a place of peace. Do you want to have this little piece of heaven on Earth? Let me show you the way! Below we’ll see how to create a meditation room, which will allow your mind to be calm and relaxed. Read More





relaxation room ideasRelaxation Room Ideas — How to Let Go of Stress at Home

If you want to relax you have to slow down and unplug from the world. We have been trained to multi-task and to be available all the time to answer phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets, notifications, etc. This mental overload is making people tired and sick… Read More




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