7 Amazing Meditation Space Ideas For 2022!

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Have you been spending time looking over some gorgeous meditation spaces ideas on Pinterest and wondered “How can I have a meditation room like that?”

If you feel overwhelmed, and don’t even know where to begin on your meditation space design journey. You are not alone.

Don’t worry…I got your back!

…Now imagine yourself having a peaceful meditation space in your home, that has all the meditation essentials. Filled with beautiful decor and pleasing aesthetic. By just entering in your sacred space you feel calm and relaxed…

Then get ready, you will be able to have a beautiful meditation space that looks right out an Instagram post!

As your personal Meditation Space Designer, I’ll be showing you step by step on how you can achieve on having the meditation space of your dreams!

By having over 10 years of meditation experience, design background and with over 2 million monthly views on Pinterest, I bring you the best tips and design solutions for your meditation space needs!

It does not matter how big or small your home is, I’ve created different inspiring posts to guide you. Therefore you can be sure to be able to start creating your new meditation space at home now (or get ideas to remodel your existing area)!

In addition, you will find different designs, themes, colors and unique meditation space decor ideas. So whether you are into minimalism, zen, boho, eclectic, mandalas, pink lover, etc, you will find the perfect design solution for you!

We live very busy lives, so it’s important to take care of our minds. By having a dedicated meditation area in your home will signal your brain that it’s time to meditate. Because you have a special place to meditate, you will see that your meditation will go smoother.

Not only will I be showing you some awesome meditation space ideas, but I’ll share some tips and lessons that you can apply also. Plus, I’ll guide you where you can buy them so you don’t have to spend more time wondering lost on the internet.

It is my deepest wish that you are able to create your beautiful and serene space at home so you can meditate in peace. So start exploring the posts below!


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Carmen Alfaro
Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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Meditation Space FAQ

It’s a calm space that can be used to meditate or to do other type of relaxing activities such as yoga, breath work, Qi Gong, journaling, reading, etc.

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