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Meditation has the power to bring you to a very peaceful state of mind. You can tap into this inner peace any time you want to. Below you’ll find inspiration for meditation to help you on your journey.

Self Care Ideas for Stress Relief

Self Care Ideas for Stress Relief

Taking care of ourselves should be a priority in our lives. Some people may fear that by having self care, they are being selfish. However, it’s the complete opposite, since by doing so you’ll be of better benefit to others…Read more



my zen masterMy Zen Master had Whiskers and Pointy Ears

In my meditation practice I’ve had different meditation teachers that have influenced my life one way or the other. I was very lucky to have one very special teacher that I loved very dearly. All the way from the first moment he came into my life, until I saw him take his last breath…Read More




true meditationTrue Meditation — A Fresh Approach as Taught by Adyashanti

Are you interested in meditation, but find it a bit overwhelming with all of the many meditation methods and techniques available? Are you a long time meditator who is still searching for that elusive state of inner peace…Read More



over 100 inspirational quotesOver 100 Inspirational Quotes—Wisdom Words From the Best Spiritual Masters

Fill your soul with this collection of over 100 inspirational quotes from different spiritual teachers. Sometimes when you sit down to meditate, it’s helpful to start by thinking of a quote that really touches you. This can help you go deeper into you …Read More



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