Breathe in, Breathe out…

The Importance of a Meditation space

We live very busy lives, so it’s important to take care of our minds. By having a dedicated meditation area in our homes, it helps signal the brain that it’s time to meditate. Here you can find some suggestions to help you create your peaceful space at home! 🙂

how to create a peaceful meditation room at home

How to Create a Peaceful meditation room at home

I love having a meditation room. This is my own sacred space which allows me to go a place of peace. Do you want to have this little piece of heaven on Earth? Let me show you the way! I’ll show you how to create a meditation room, which will allow your mind to be calm and relaxed…

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relaxing outdoor meditation space ideas

Relaxing Outdoor Meditation space ideas

Ready to relax from the comfort of your backyard? Here you will find a guide to help you decide which type of meditation space to have, how to create YOUR peaceful outdoor meditation space, and tips for meditating outside…

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take it easy relaxation room ideas

Take it easy! Relaxation room ideas

Time to let your busy day fade away. Here are some relaxation room ideas to help you unwind and let go of stress…

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Happiness is a state of mind, so the real source of happiness must lie within the mind…

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

How To Easily Meditate Daily And Stick To It, Under 10 Minutes A Day…

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