How To Let Go of Stress With A Morning Meditation For Beginners — In 3 easy Steps

You don’t have to suffer anymore, you can feel calm and relaxed. I’ve taken over 10 years of meditating experience and put it all together in one easy to read e-book that you can read in your lunch break!

Grab your copy of Morning Meditation for Beginners Today so that you can …

  • Cope with suffering since you’ll have built a powerful mind.
  • Have a clarity of mind which will allow you to work more efficiently throughout the day.
  • Kick stress in the butt! You’ll be able to bullet proof your mind for a relaxed and calm life!
  • Be able to handle all the challenges in the world due to Covid19.

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Meditation Journal For A Happy Life

  • 365 days to keep track of your meditation journey for a happier you!
  • Daily Planners to schedule your meditation, to do list, special events and daily gratitude.
  • Weekly check-ins, so you can see your progress and feel motivated to keep going!
  • Monthly calendars with inspirational quotes to help you stay motivated and peaceful.
  • Tracking pages to see your progress so you can be organized and plan a fulfilled life!

5 Minute Easy Morning Meditation
for Beginners MP3

  • Be able to relax before heading out to work!
  • With only 5 minutes a day, you’ll be able to maintain a daily meditation practice to feel calm.
  • You can listen this audio file anywhere you go to let go of any stress you may have.
  • Feed your mind with positivity to have good vibes throughout the day!

What you will learn and accomplish with Morning Meditation for Beginners :

Powerful Meditation Technique

You will learn this powerful technique so that way you will meditate no matter what since you’ll know that you will lose more by not meditating.

How can I prepare to meditate in the morning?

Learn what to do in order to prepare before doing your meditation practice. You’ll get your body and mind ready to meditate consistently.

Easy Morning Meditation for Beginners

Be guided through an easy meditation that you can do in 5-10 minutes every day. You’ll be able to feel very peaceful afterwards, and be ready to handle the challenges of the day!

What should I do after meditating?

​​Know what to do after your meditation practice to maintain that inner peace through out the day. So that you can get rid of negativity in your life.

Troubleshooting guide

Learn about the most common problems new meditators have when they are first starting out. Here you will learn how to overcome them so that you can maintain a daily meditation practice.

Meditation Space Ideas

Having a special place to meditate is very important so that way you can concentrate better. Here you’ll be guided to find a suitable place in your home to meditate.

Not only is this E-book super helpful, but it also has beautiful quotes and images to keep your mind uplifted as you read!

The Morning Meditation for Beginners E-book comes in pdf file format that you can download instantly! So you can start reading right away.


Before the meditation

Learn to how to prepare your mind and body prior to your meditation practice.

Actual meditation

See how in 5-10 minutes you can create a meditation habit that you can maintain daily.

After the meditation

After your meditation session, know what to do to maintain that inner peace throughout the day.

Why I wrote the Morning Meditation for Beginners E-book

Meditation is very powerful for quieting the mind and bringing a deep sense of peace, but it only works if you do it consistently every day!

There are different apps and many people on the internet teaching “How to meditate”, but what’s really important is having someone with experience show you How to Stick to it, so you can have real lasting results.

Other wise you may meditate once or twice and then give up completely, or just meditate if you happen to have the time a few days a week.

Don’t waste any more time treating meditation like a hobby that you do only here and there. Take some quick action today to meditate daily, so you can have the peace and joy in your life that you deserve!

I want to help you reach your full potential of happiness with meditation, but this is only possible if you do it daily. Otherwise you are only getting an “appetizer” out of life instead of enjoying a full banquet of delight.

Go ahead, dare to be happy and meditate every day, I can show you the way!

About Carmen Alfaro

I’ve been meditating for over 10 years, and have had the great fortune to attend classes and meditation retreats around the world with great figures such as Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Adyashanti and more…

Like you, I struggled with meditation at the beginning and could not maintain a daily meditation practice.

Luckily I was taught a very powerful meditation technique that up to this day has helped meditate everyday!

Now I want to share with you what I wished I had known soooo many years ago!

Let me show you an easy way to meditate daily so that you can have the inner peace you deserve!


“This E-book (Morning Meditation For Beginners) does such a wonderful job of showing you how to actually make meditation a habit and do it every day. I love that the Powerful Technique presented in the E-book can be used by anyone, regardless of what type of meditation they do or what their personal spiritual/religious/philosophical/etc. beliefs are.It is very accessible. There are so many helpful tips and tricks for what to actually DO in order to keep your meditation practice going. The Powerful Technique that is described in the book really gets to the heart of the matter as to how to really empower your meditation practice with strength and vitality. The technique really gives a strong and powerful focus to your meditations, which is why I believe it works so well with helping you keep meditating day after day. I also love how the E-book goes beyond teaching meditation and actually teaches you what to do before and after the meditation.

I think that this is so important, because the truth is that you don’t have time to be meditating all day long. Most of the day you are doing other things. I love how the E-book describes what you can be doing (and not doing) during the rest of the day to keep your mind fresh and peaceful. This really helps to make it easier to return to meditation every day. And there are such great tips for what to do with your body and mind before you start meditating each day, which makes it a lot easier to slide into that meditative state. The E-book also answers the most common problems that people encounter to sticking with a daily meditation practice. I hope and pray that so many people will find this E-book and use it to help themselves find peace and joy, and then spread that peace and joy throughout the world!”

Jordan Cromwell

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