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These products have been carefully reviewed to help you with your meditation practice.


unique writing journalsUnique Writing Journals — Your Companion for Your Life Journey

You are a very unique person, and so is your life journey. There will be no other person like you on this planet. That’s why it’s helpful to write down all the life lessons you have learned. To help you preserve this wisdom, you can use different unique writing journals…Read More



small room divider ideasSmall Room Divider Ideas – How to Have 2 Rooms in Just 1 Space

You may want to have your very own meditation room, however, you may live in a studio, an apartment or may not have a spare room in your house. Not to worry! Below are some small room divider ideas to help you create that meditation space within an …Read More


best ear plugs for meditationBest Ear Plugs For Meditation – Your Solution for Noise Problems

I remember years ago when I was doing a meditation retreat, at the same time they were also giving some teachings on the top floor where I was doing my retreat. It was really easy for the mind to want to listen to the teachings since they were really interesting, I had to use ear plugs so I could focus on…Read More



hoMedics sound machineHoMedics Sound Machine – Mask the Noise Outside and Relax

When it comes to meditation, concentration is very important. However, when you are trying to meditate it seems that any noise can grab your attention (especially if you are beginner meditator) and interrupt your focus. Not to worry, you can use a HoMedics…Read More




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