Pumpkin Aromatherapy Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
Pumpkin Aromatherapy Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
Pumpkin Aromatherapy Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Pumpkin Aromatherapy Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt is scientifically proven to be the natural air purifier. It has countless health benefits.

It has been found helpful for the patients with Asthma, allergies respiratory diseases and sinus system. It absorbs all the positive ions in the environment caused by the radiation from the electronics and exudes negative ions in the air resulting in a purified environment. That is why Himalayan Salt Aroma Diffusers are known for improvement in the mood.

There is a plate inside the Salt Lamp to put in few drops of essential oils (not included), that fragrances the air when the lamp is switched on.

Salt Gems Aroma diffuser work with heat. The warmth provided by the bulb installed inside the lamp heats up the essential oil added and spreads the aroma around.

Himalayan Salt Aroma Diffuser has a dual function. Firstly, the therapeutic effect of the essential oils mentally and physically calms down and helps in soothing sleep at night. Secondly, the healing and purifying properties of the salt gems cleanse the air and the body.

Himalayan Salt Aroma Diffuser is available in modern design. The charming contemporary design makes Salt Aroma diffuser an ideal collection for the décor. It does not only make your environment pleasant and soothing with sweet aromas with numerous health benefits but also adds up to the beauty of the place.

The Himalayan Salt Aroma Diffuser is ideal to use in Aromatherapy Clinics, Spas, Beauty Salons, Hotels, Shops, and Houses.

100% REAL HIMALAYAN SALT: Hand Carved Real Himalayan Crystal Salt In its Own Unique Pumpkin Shape On Wood Base.

AIR PURIFIER: Recommended To Reduce Dust, Pollen, Cigarette Smoke, Among Other Elements From The Air. Ideal To Alleviate Allergy And Asthma Symptoms.

SOOTHING EFFECT: Naturally beautiful when off; pleasant and relaxing amber light once lit. Wonderful as mood lighting.

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6 Inches

Weight: 6 LB


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