Relaxation Room Ideas — How to Let Go of Stress at Home

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We live very busy lives and we just keep going and going. No wonder so many people suffer from stress and anxiety. Even though meditation can really help with this, I know that there are some people that might be a little bit hesitant to try it. It’s OK if you are not ready to meditate yet, you can begin by first creating a relaxing space in your home. Below are some relaxation room ideas to help you unwind and let go of stress.

Sit Back and Do What You Enjoy

If you want to relax you have to slow down and unplug from the world. We have been trained to multi-task and to be available all the time to answer phone calls, e-mails, texts, tweets, notifications, etc. This mental overload is making people tired and sick.

So now instead of multi-tasking, choose one activity that you truly enjoy. Do something not because is going to make you money, but rather is going to feed your soul.

What is it that you truly enjoy doing? That special thing, that when you do it makes you lose track of time?

It could it be one of the following:

-Playing an instrument

-Writing a novel


Coloring books


-Writing poetry

-Making crafts

-Listening to music





If your old guitar is collecting dust in the basement, go grab it…it has been missing you for years.

What happened to all those poems you used to read and write? It’s time to let your inner poet come out again.

Don’t be afraid, do what you enjoy. So what if it has been 20 years since the last time you painted? Allow the muscle memories in your hands to show you how to paint again. The same applies for any other activity that you haven’t done in a long time.

Also, there might be things you want to do, but you don’t know how. You can always get books teaching you how to do different things. There are experts in every field, and many of them have written down their knowledge to share with others; all the way from learning how to crochet to teaching you how to write novels.
Get in touch with that part of you that’s yearning to come out, but has been unable due to the busyness of everyday life.

Relaxation Room Ideas

Now that you have selected the activity that you would like to do, let’s take a look at different ways to create that calm place in your own home.

Finding a suitable room 

If possible, dedicate a whole room to create this peaceful space:

-An extra room in the basement

-You kid’s old bedroom

-A place in the attic

-(If the weather allows it) a shed in the backyard

-Converting the garage to a new room

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Using calming colors

The colors in a room will set the mood. There are different colors that have different psychological and physical effects on the body. If you want a calming effect, use the following:




-Baby blue

-Soft pink

-Mint green or any light green colors

Avoid any colors that are too bright…definitely no neon colors. Also, dark colors such as black or brown can be depressing, so stay away from them.

Use essential oils

If you want to relax, then essential oils work wonders to help you let go of stress. They are used in aromatherapy and can be used directly on your body or in a diffuser. There are many types of essential oils for different purposes, some ones that help with relaxation are:






Bring Nature Inside To Feel Calm

You know that great feeling when you walk down the beach and hear the waves crashing? Or, hearing the sound of rain on nice summer day? Perhaps seeing all those beautiful trees and flowers in a park? Mother nature has so many beautiful gifts. When we are outside in nature, we are nurtured by it, and it helps us calm down.

We should try to go out in nature as much as possible. However, sometimes we can’t due to the distance (the beach is miles away), bad weather, or certain times of the year (in some parts of the world there are no blooming trees or flowers in the winter). Fortunately, we can bring nature inside our relaxation room.


Bring the outside world inside, by placing different plants throughout your relaxation room. There are some many types of plants. Some are small (such as succulents) and others can grow in big pots (like the parlour palm).

Plants not only help add beauty to your room, but some of them even have the benefit of purifying the air.


Being in a garden full of flowers brings a beautiful sense of peace and beauty to the heart. You can bring that part of nature into your relaxation room. You could place some flowers in a vase, or even have some in a flower pot and later plant them in your garden.


One of the things that I love about spring is that after a long snowy winter you get to hear the birds again. Also, it’s so relaxing to hear the rain fall.

These relaxing sounds of nature bring a sense of peace. There are different cds and music downloads that capture all of these different nature sounds such as ocean waves, birds singing, a river flowing etc. In addition, there are even some relaxing sounds machines that you can program to play certain relaxing sounds.


Thanks to our senses we can enjoy the world. Our sense of smell is very powerful. Have you ever smelled something, and it brought back a memory of something that happen many years ago, maybe even from your childhood?

There are a different variety of scented candles which capture the smell of nature. All the way from pine trees to an ocean breeze. So light up your room and enjoy the wonderful scents that nature has to offer us.

Calm Down By Seeing Relaxing Images

There are some amazing places on Earth, some can even take your breath away. If you can’t go to them, you can place a beautiful photograph(s) for you to view. I personally love the beach, and have some photographs of different beach scenery that are framed and are hanging on my walls.

What kind of nature images do you like?

 Here are some ideas:

-A field of flowers

-Animals in nature


-Magical forest

-Trees in the forest

-Birds flying in the sky

A beautiful sunset at the beach

A serene lake


-Tropical island


-For more ideas click here

Fully Unwind by Leaving Your Cellphone Outside

Remember your relaxation room is for unwinding and letting go of stress. With so much technology around us, mainly from cellphones, it causes a lot of distraction and anxiety to our minds.

Allow yourself to leave your cellphone in a different room. Remember, this is your time to relax, your cellphone will be waiting for you when you get out. This will help you not be bothered with texts, phone calls, notifications, updates, news headlines, tweets, etc.

If you want to listen to music, you can use a CD player instead, or even an mp3 player. That way you can enjoy the music without any distractions.

Relaxation Room Ideas Final Ideas

These are just a few relaxation room ideas, so you can start to create your space of peace in the comfort of your home. We all need a place to help us relax and let go of stress. If we don’t learn how to let go of stress and to calm down, then our mind is always agitated and eventually causes us to get sick.

Allow yourself to do something that makes you happy. Life is not only just work, work, work, you have to slow down and enjoy it too. By doing only one thing at a time it calms down your nervous system since you won’t be multi-tasking with so many activities.

When you are ready, if you wish, you can also learn to meditate. The difference between doing an activity to help you relax and meditating is that with the activity you are relying on something outside of you to help you relax. So for instance, if you can’t paint, play the guitar, write, etc, then you won’t be able to relax since you are relying on these activities to help you calm down.

When you meditate, you can do it anywhere at any time and you don’t need anything external of yourself to feel relaxed. It takes practice, but the more often you meditate the more peaceful you become.

Let your relaxing room be the beginning point to learn how to let go of stress. Then take baby steps, and learn how to meditate so you can be peaceful and have joy in your heart.

Please share this article with your friends and family, so they can also relax.

Have a great time engaging in your favorite activities. May you be relaxed and free of anything that is not bringing you peace.

What do you like to do to relax?

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