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Best Meditation Tables

Here you will find the ideal meditation Table to help you enter into a place of peace inside of yourself. These tables are ideal for your different needs: for burning incense, for candles, for statues, crystals, to hold holy books, etc.

I’ve meditated over 10 years, and have hand selected the meditation tables below. Let me save you time looking all over the internet for meditation tables. Here you can find the perfect meditation table so you can be relaxed while meditating.

With Love,

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Carmen Alfaro
Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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Altar Tables

Oriental Furniture Rosewood Altar Cabinet

Statue Figure Base Display Altar Set

32″ Rosewood Altar Table – Antique Black

Rosewood Asian Altar Table
Asian Coin Design

Dragon Hand Carved Altar Table

Premium Solid Wood Hand Carved Personal Shrine Altar Meditation Table

Solid Mango Wood Hand Carved Prayer Puja Shrine Altar Meditation Table

Jaipur Solid Wood Hand Carved Table

Meditation Tables

Uji Japanese Meditation & Tea Table

Petite Floor Altar

Mini Table Buddha Statue Stand

Small Altar Meditation Table

Yin Yang Carved Table

14″ Tall Personal Meditation Altar Table

Folding kiri Wood Tray Table

Deluxe Personal Altar with Shelf

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amazing meditaiton tables

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