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Meditation Advicemeditation advice

Learn how you can tap into that part within yourself that has the potential to experience deep inner peace and joy, so you can let go of problems and stress. Read More…



meditation spaceYour Meditation Space

See how you can create your peaceful meditation space at home to let go of stress and have inner peace in your life. Read More…



inspiration for meditationInspiration for Meditation

Meditation has the power to bring you to a very peaceful and loving state of mind. You can tap into this inner peace any time you want to.
Be inspired so you can start or continue your meditation journey. Read More…





morning meditation for beginnersMorning Meditation for Beginners

You are really going to enjoy this Morning Meditation for Beginners. Even if you have been meditating for some time, take a look, I’m sure you’ll learn something new that can help with your meditation practice…Read More




easy meditation for beginnersEasy Meditation for Beginners — 4 Steps for Inner Peace

I’m really excited to share this article with you. Since I’ve been meditating for over 10 years, I know how meditation can really change your life for the best. Below I’ve created an easy meditation for beginners, which will help you relax and let go of stress…Read More



outdoor meditation sapceOutdoor Meditation Space

It’s wonderful to have an outdoor meditation space! This is a very sacred space where you can be out in nature and at the same time practice mindfulness. Here you will find a guide to help you decide which type of meditation space to have, how to create an outdoor meditation space, and tips for meditating outside…Read More



how to create a meditation roomHow to Create a Meditation Room —Your Space of Peace

I love having a meditation room. This is my own sacred space which allows me to go a place of peace. Do you want to have this little piece of heaven on Earth? Let me show you the way! Below we’ll see how to create a meditation room, which will allow your mind to be calm and relaxed… Read More




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