10 Best Meditation Music Styles To Relax Now!

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Are you looking all over the internet for meditation music, but can’t find exactly what you are looking for?

No problem! I’ve done the extensive research for you, and have broken it down to 10 different categories of meditation music according to your needs.

Not all meditation music is the same, and you may prefer to listen to different styles depending on your mood, or what you are trying to do such as sleep meditation music, yoga, tai chi, walking meditation, healing, etc.

There is no right or wrong meditation music, it just depends how you are planning on using it.

So whether you are looking for meditation sleep music, Tibetan singing bowls, healing music, etc, you are going to find something to meet your needs.

Also, you can listen to some samples before buying them to make sure that it’s what you are looking for.

Having your own meditation music is great for the following reasons:

    1. Easy access no matter where you are.
    2. Don’t have to watch annoying commercials when you are just trying to relax.
    3. You don’t get your flow interrupted when the loading time is slow, or just stops completely.
    4. You are directly supporting the artists, and not listening to some free pirated meditation music on the internet.
    5. You can stay more focused on your meditation since you don’t have to access the internet and watch unrelated videos, posts or ads.

Alright, let’s find the perfect calming meditation music for you…


1. Meditation Sleep Music

Listen to these soothing relaxing sounds to help you sleep like a baby!

Sleep Fall Asleep Easily and Naturally

Shakuhachi Sleep Music

Brainwave Suite: Sleep and Rejuvenation

2. Tibetan Singing Bowls

Let the sounds of these Tibetan bowls help you enter into a deep state of meditation. Also, perfect when doing healing sessions.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
Diáne Mandle. Tibetan bowl sound healing to reduce stress and calm your mind.

Meditations and Music for Sound Healing
Mitchell Gaynor. Connect with your own divine essence, your source of healing and well-being.


Tibetan Bowl Meditation: A Vibratory Journey into Deep Meditative States
River Guerguerian. A deeply tranquil soundspace created by Tibetan bowls, cello, guitars, and water gongs.

3. Stress Relief Music

Tranquil melodies to ease tensions and massage your senses. Very relaxing music to help you let go of stress. Perfect for unwinding after a long day at work or to just sit still and listen to make you feel peaceful.

Musical Massage: InTune
Cello, piano, clarinet, guitar & soft percussion to ease tensions and massage your senses.

Musical Massage: InnerLight
Two ethereal journeys of unfolding rhythm and peaceful grooves.

Musical Massage: Synergy
Ambient jazzy melodies and peaceful rhythms for an aura of calm and quiet reflection.

4. Tibetan Meditation Music

This music is perfect for meditation, yoga, tai chi or just sitting still. The songs are very calming and you feel like you are taken to a far away place where you are able to just quiet the mind and be in the present moment.

The Tibetan Healing Music Collection
Nawang Khechog: Gift Box Collection Includes Rhythms of Peace, Sounds of Peace, and Quiet Mind

Universal Love
Nawang Khechog. A pilgrimage of compassion through music, melding traditional and original compositions. 

Tibetan Meditation Music:
For Quiet Mind and Peaceful Heart

Spacious music that evokes a Himalayan mountain temple—Nawang’s most relaxing album.

5. Nature Sounds Music

Mother nature is to nurturing. Let yourself just relax with these simple nature sounds. Ideal when wanting just a very subtle background sound when meditating or doing yoga. Also, since they are basic nature sounds, you can also use them when doing a massage or even for a waiting room in a therapy office to help relax the tension from patients before their sessions.

Rainforest and Ocean Waves
Jeffrey Thompson. Surround yourself with the serenity of the Atlantic shoreline and the Amazon rainforest.

Sleepy Ocean and Rain:
Tranquil natural sounds combined with Delta Sleep pulses
Sounds of ocean waves and gentle rain to help you fall asleep easily and naturally.

Jeffrey Thompson. Soft rhythms of raindrops to lull you into peace and inner calm. 

6. Sacred Chants

The voices of these ladies are magical! I had the chance to see Deva Premal in concert and it was a beautiful experience.

These soundtracks are perfect for when you just want to relax and be taken into a sacred place within yourself.

Snatam Kaur has the voice of an angel! The energy she puts into each song is to sacred so don’t be surprised to find yourself crying out of joy.

These songs are ideal when you feel lost in today’s fast paced world and feel that there is no hope. Just close your eyes and listen to them sing.


Into Silence
Deva Premal. Meditative chants and mantras to help you awaken the heart’s longing.

The Essential Snatam Kaur Sacred Chants for Healing
A sacred chant star from the Kundalini tradition shares her favorite songs for healing.

Deva Lounge
A lush, downtempo immersion into devotional song with the sacred chant of Deva Premal.

7. Yoga music

These albums are very relaxing for a nice yoga flow. Pull out your yoga mat and relax.

Yoga Music Collection
Six albums help you create the ideal environment for yoga, bodywork, and relaxation.

The Best of Wah!
The first collection of the most popular songs of this star of sacred chant.

Relax, let go, and immerse yourself in beauty, balance, and peace.

8. Sound Healing Music

Such calming sounds to help you heal your mind from all the busyness of the world.

The Sound Healing Collection:
Six Healing Music Sessions
Healing music from Jeffrey Thompson, David Ison, Steven Halpern, and other gifted artists.

Music As Medicine
Nawang Khechog. A musical apothecary of soothing melodies and healing chants—with guest R. Carlos Nakai.

Theta Meditation System 2.0:
Enhance your intuition and inner healing
Jeffrey Thompson. A deep-theta meditation program to help you experience profound states of inner awareness.

9. Instrumental Meditation Music

LIght ambient tranquil music from piano, harp or cello. Great way to let go of the worries after a long day at work.

Ambient Piano Meditations
Beautiful meditation music created by pianist and meditation teacher Kip Mazuy (MAZZ-way). Rich with reverberant harmonics and intuitive melodic movements, this album draws us powerfully into a lucid-yet-serene space of gentle presence.

Harp Music for Healing
Sarajane Williams. Soothing music clinically demonstrated to reduce anxiety and ease physical pain. 


Cello and Piano Meditations
Soothing duets create a tranquil atmosphere for meditation, reflection, and relaxation.


10. Crystal Bowl Meditation

I’ve done crystal bowl meditation in the past. It’s so relaxing to just lay down and listen to the peaceful sounds of each crystal bowl. Little by little you feel your body just melting away the stress.

Crystal Bowl Meditation
Exquisite quartz bowls, shakuhachi flute, and Moog synthesizers for inner exploration.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Gemstone singing bowl music to impart deep physical and energetic healing.


Spirit of the Ancients
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Tryshe Dhevney. Sound healer and music artist Tryshe Dhevney’s encore to her acclaimed album Crystal Bowl Sound Healing. This recording features a unique set of tones played in a sacred New Mexico cave, and is intended to transmit the powerful sense of expansion and illumination. 

Bonus: Relaxing Meditation Music

These are different brain waves sounds to help you unwind and relax. Allow yourself to just let go of the day and fully calm down.

Healing Mind System 2.0 Calm Your Swirling Mind, Open Pathways to Healing, Empower Deep Emotional Intelligence
Jeffrey Thompson. New possibilities and intuitive insights arise from this state of emotional healing.

Theta Meditation System 2- set|: Let Go of Stress, Renew Your Spirit, Gain Insight and Intuition
Jeffrey Thompson. Mid- or deep-theta states for emotional renewal and insightful meditative exploration.


Music to Change Your Brain
Jeffrey Thompson. Clinically tested processes for meditative awareness, creativity, healing, and sleep.



Conclusion For Meditation Music

Thank you for letting me share this post with you, it was really relaxing being able to write and to select these beautiful music styles for you.

I hope that you were able to find the ideal meditation music for your needs.

If you would like to see more options make sure to visit Sounds True to find more great meditation music!

Thank you for stopping by. Have a fantastic day. Make sure to share this post.


Carmen Alfaro
Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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