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10 Unique Ways To Creating A Beautiful Pink Meditation Room Today!

Alright ladies this post is for you! Lately I’ve been loving the color pink, and have made some changes around my house. So today I want to inspired you with this beautiful color with different pink meditation room ideas, so that you can decorate your sacred space today.

Some people may say that pink is such a “girly” color. And my question is, “What’s wrong with that?” We live in a very male dominated world where we are taught to be in constant competition, to “crush it”, to just go, go, go. This is the very forceful “yang” male energy.

There is nothing wrong with trying to accomplish goals. However, we are missing a lot of the more feminine “ying” energy in our society. This energy is more open and flows easier in life.

A perfect harmony of these 2 energies can be seen in the ying/yang symbol. Here you can see the 2 energies being in perfect balance.

There is nothing wrong with being a “girl” and being feminine. Once you open up to this feminine energy, it unleashes a special power that has been hiding within.

A meditation room is a very sacred space where we go deeper within ourselves. If we can’t express this feminine energy in our own private meditation space, where else can we do it?

O.k. my sisters, here I bring you a lot of pink inspiration. Choose what best fits you now. You can click on any of the images below and it will take you where you can purchase them.

Bye, bye ordinary world, and hello happy pink word! 😉

1. Room Dividers

If you can have a meditation room all to your self, then that’s wonderful. However, I know that not everyone will have one in their homes.

No problem. A great solution is to use a room divider. This will allow you to have your special space at home where you can meditate. You can choose a corner in your bedroom, living room, etc. You can also have an outdoor meditation space if needed.

The divider can help you have some extra privacy. It can help to signal your brain that this is my personal space…this is where I make the rules…in my cute cozy pink meditation space.

2. Meditation Cushions

When I saw there were pink meditation cushion on the internet my eyes just opened wide open…I wanted all of them…so many cushions…just one butt!

icon icon

3. Crystals

Rose quartz is such a powerful crystal to bestow peace (if you look closely at my picture in the About page, that’s the stone I’m wearing on my necklace). If you are not into crystals that’s o.k. neither was I…and now here I’m talking about them. We are always evolving and not staying the the same.

You can sure appreciate their beauty:

Rose Quartz Gemstone Heart
Solid Rose Quartz Gemstone Bookends
Rose Quartz Gemstone Bonsai Tree

4. Rugs

An area rug can really help bring together your pink meditation room items together.

You could also do a combination of white faux sheepskin and put your pink meditation cushion on top. Or have a pink chair and a the faux sheepskin on top of the chair, or underneath it.

Mandalas and medallions are also very beautiful:

Fair Trade Lotus Mandala Tapestry and Blanket

5. Chairs

Some people may prefer to meditate on a chair. There is no right or wrong way, it’s what ever is most comfortable for your body.

There are so many cute pink chairs to choose from:

You can also add some extra support to your back with some pillows:

6. Curtains

Curtains can definitely add a strong statement to any room. When I changed and added curtains to different rooms in my home, it completely changed the mood.

You could use some sheer curtains to allow some light to get through:

If you prefer more privacy, these curtains can also help bring a good feminine vibe to your pink meditation room:

7. Plants

Without a doubt plants bring beauty to any room. When you bring them into your homes you can let some of mother nature in with you.

There are some really pretty pink pots that you can use:

8. Lamps

If you meditate really early in the morning, turning on different lamps can help you wake up.

Also, Himalayan lamps add a very relaxing mood. Their colors can vary from orange-pinkish tones:

9. Wall Art

There are different ways that you can decorate your walls. You can always change them around to get a new look. You could do:

Wall Stickers

Here are some unique wall art decor ideas:

Lotus Mandala Floral Wall Art

Mandala Tapestries are also very popular now at days:

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10. Wall Paper

Adding a splash of pink to your room will definitely add some beautiful color into your life.

There are so many pretty wall papers to choose from. When selecting wall paper make sure to measure the walls you want to cover. It’s also better to buy an extra roll in case you make any mistakes. Better to have extra rolls than run short. In addition, if you happen to haven some extra wall paper, you can use it to cover some old tables or drawers and make them look new again, plus they would match perfectly with the walls!

The great thing about wall paper is that you can take it off. So if later on you want to change the look, you can just bring them down and put a different wall paper if you choose.

They also come is sooo many cool designs. Here I’m just showing some basic ones so you get an idea:


I hope that you were inspired to add a touch pink to your meditation room. There are not rules when it comes to creating your sacred meditation area. You just have to do what feels right for you!

I’ve seen some pink meditation spaces on Pinterest and they look so lovely.

Pink is such a peaceful color, it can really help add some serenity into your life. It is my deepest wish that you get to connect to that beautiful part of yourself when you meditate.

May you have peace and love in your hearts.


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10 awesome pink meditation room ideas to try

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