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Small Room Divider Ideas – How to Have 2 Rooms in Just 1 Space

You may want to have your very own meditation room, however, you may live in a studio, an apartment or may not have a spare room in your house. Not to worry! Below are some small room divider ideas to help you create that meditation space within an existing room.

Having 2 rooms in just 1 will be very beneficial since you will be able to have your regular room such as:

-Home office


-Living room


And be able to incorporate your very own space of peace and tranquility.

Before starting, there are 2 main types of divider that you may need depending if you live by yourself or with other people.

If you live by yourself:

If you are the only one living in your home, privacy is not a big issue. However, having a divider in the room where you choose to meditate can be beneficial since it will allow your eyes to create a boundary.

For example:

-Bedroom- If you sit down to meditate while you are tired, your bed is going to be calling you. Instead, place a divider such a screen so you can’t see your bed.

-Living room- When you settle down to meditate, the TV in your room may tempt you to turn it on. After all, you have been watching TV most of your life, so it’s something you are more familiar with compared to meditating.

Again, place a divider such as hanging curtains, so you can’t see your TV or any other distracting things that might be calling out for your attention.

-Home office- You’ll want to create a boundary between work time and meditation time. Seeing your desk, computer, files, etc, will make you think more about the things that you still need to work on.

With a divider, you won’t see them, plus physically you’ll be in different area of the room.

If you live with other people:

-A physical boundary- This is your sacred place, you’ll want to limit who gets to come in (if anyone at all).

-Privacy- You want to keep other people from seeing what you are doing, since meditation can be a personal thing. Also, besides meditating, this special space might be used for other things such as:

-Writing down on your journal
-Saying some prayers out loud
-Reciting mantras
-Saying affirmations
-Listening to teachings
-Doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique ) tapping

-Having your own space- Separating yourself from ordinary life and being able to be in a space of peace and serenity.

Room Screens

One of the easiest ways to divide a room is with room screens. Some things to consider are:

Width: The width can range anywhere from 4 ft. (121.92 cm.) to 7 ft. (213.36 cm.) They are available anywhere from 3 to 8 panels.

Height: They come in different sizes, varying from 3 ft. (91.44 cm) -7 ft. (213.36 cm) tall.

Design– If you have a specific look in your room you may want to add a screen that compliments the style of the room you are in. Or actually do quite the opposite, try an alternative look so it shows that this is a different part of the room. Some types of designs are:

Japanese style


With images


We may think that bookcases have to go in the corner of the room. However, there are some really cool looking bookcases that can created a dividing space in room.

Some of them can come as just one big piece.

You can always get more than one of the same style of bookcase and place them next to each other, this will create the desired division of the room you are in. Not only does it create 2 rooms in 1, but the shelving allows you to put some things that you might enjoy such as:

-Framed Quotes

Room Divider Curtains

This option will offer the most privacy out of all these choices. These are special curtains that hang from the ceiling and come all the way down to the floor. Depending on the width of the room, you may need more than 1 curtain to cover the desired space.

Some curtains may not need installation from the ceiling, but they just hang on a rod that goes across the room. Make sure to read the item descriptions carefully, as some products may require you to purchase the rod separately.

Other Room Dividers

Additional ideas to help you create your separate space at home.

Small Room Divider Ideas

These are just some ideas of different ways that you can create the feel of 2 rooms in 1. How exciting to now have ways to create that special meditation space you have been waiting for!

Also, depending on the design of your house, some homes have an extra space below the stairs going to the second floor. This area might be perfect to create your meditation space, so take that into consideration. You could use a screen, bookcase, or even a hanging room divider.

Now you can do the following:

-Decide in which room you want to have your meditation space (consider factors such as noise, and also how much interaction will other people have in that room).

-Measure the width and height of the area where you plan to have your meditation sanctuary.

-Click on any of the images above, they will take you directly to where you can find more information about them.

The look and feel of your meditation space can change over time, so don’t feel that once you have decided on a type of room divider you have to stick to is forever. Just as you would remodel any room in the house, you can always recreate your mediation area.

Remember, what’s important is that this designated space will allow you to practice your meditation. Make sure that whichever divider you end up getting, it helps with creating a sense of peace for you.

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