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Easy Meditation for Beginners — 4 Steps for Inner Peace

easy meditation for beginners I’m really excited to share this article with you. Since I’ve been meditating for over 10 years, I know how meditation can really change your life for the best. Below I’ve created an easy meditation for beginners, which will help you relax and let go of stress.

At the beginning when we start something new, it can be a little challenging since it’s something that we have to get used to. But with a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to mediate on your own in no time. Just remember, consistency is the key.

Setting Up An Intention

Before we begin the actual meditation, let’s start by setting up an intention or the reason why you want to meditate. Some of your reasons for wanting to meditate might be:

-You want to feel more calm and relaxed.

-Perhaps you want to be a better parent and have more patience with your kids.

-You may have too much anxiety and want to find a way to control it.

-You are going through life without any purpose, and you just want to find a reason for your existence on this planet.

-Maybe you’ve had a really rough life and you are ready to heal the past.

-Perhaps you have been doing things that were hurtful to yourself and others, and you are ready to change now.

-You just want to help make the world a better place

The list can go on and on, but these are just some ideas to get you thinking about what you want to accomplish with meditation. You won’t be able to meditate perfectly on your first try so don’t feel discouraged. Just keep practicing every day.

Think of mediation just like a baby learning how to walk. At the beginning we had to learn balance, coordination, gravity, leg movement, resilience. If we had given up the first time we attempted to walk, where would we be now?

Meditation is the same way, it’s something new that may seem to have all of these different parts. However, after a while it will be second nature to you. After all, now when we walk we just do it automatically, but it took us a long time to learn it.

Ready to learn? Let’s go right in to it:


1. Sit In A Comfortable Position

Find a place that is quite and where you won’t be distracted. Make sure to turn off your cellphone so you won’t be interrupted while meditating.

You can sit on the floor, meditation cushion or on a chair. If you sit on a chair, make sure that it’s comfortable. If the chair is too hard, try using a pillow to sit on and also another pillow for your back.

When you sit down, make sure that your back is straight. It should be a relaxed posture, not to rigid and not too loose. The position of your back is really important since this will allow you to stay focused. If your back is hurting, relax it by lowering your shoulders just a little. If needed, use a pillow to give your back more support.

You can sit crossed legged or your legs can be straight touching the floor. If you are new to meditating and are not used to crossing your legs, just be aware that after a while your legs may fall sleep. If this happens, you can extend the leg that fell sleep for a little and then cross it back again.


2. Close Your Eyes

Once you have settled into a comfortable sitting position, then it’s time to close your eyes. You are getting ready to do an inner journey, so close your eyes to shut out any visual distractions. Just close them gently, your eyebrows should feel relaxed. If you are frowning, then you are using too much tension.

Some people may feel uncomfortable completely closing their eyes. Just remember that you are safe. However, if you prefer, you can slightly close your eyes and just look down.

This is an easy meditation for beginners, so do what feels right for you.


relax your body3. Relax Your Body

We are going to begin with by scanning your body from your head to your feet. As you are doing this, see if you are holding any tension in any part of your body.

-Let’s begin by relaxing your face. Relax your forehead, your cheeks, your mouth, your jaw. If there is any tension here, take a deep breath and just breathe that tension out.

-Relax your ears, (they are so relaxed that you feel that they could almost touch your shoulders).

-Relax your neck, let go of any tension you may have here.

-Relax your shoulders, gently lower them so you can let go of any tension.

-Feel your arms, your wrists, your hands relaxing. Breathe out any tension you may feel here.

-If you have any back pain just gently breathe that pain out.

-Feel the sensation in your legs, and in your knees. Breathe out any discomfort you may have here.

-Finally feel your feet, relax every toe and breathe out any excess stress you may have.

Do this relaxation at your own pace. If you have any type of pain or discomfort in any other part of your body, focus on that discomfort and breathe it out.


breathe in breathe out4. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Once you have relaxed your body, imagine that this beautiful white light enters through the crown of your head. This light completely fills your entire body and you are safe. Feel this light coming down as you breath in.

Now move your attention to the center of our chest. Imagine that all your pain, depression, grief, regrets, sorrow, worries, annoyances, and any other bad feelings take up the form of black smoke.

As you breathe out, imagine that you are breathing out all these bad feelings through your nose and they disappear far into space, never to be seen again. Repeat breathing out this black smoke as long as you wish.

Gently breathe in this pure light and allow it to heal and harmonize your mind. Breathe out the black smoke and let any bad emotions out of your system.

Continue this process of breathing in and breathing out as long as you wish.

Then gently just focus on breathing in this pure white light, breathe out as normal. Just see how this powerful protective white light fills you up with love and joy. Stay here in this peaceful place as long as possible. Your real nature is inner peace, come here as often as your want.

Since now you have so much peace and joy inside of you, if you wish you can share this wonderful feeling with the world. Imagine that from the middle of your chest, you have this beautiful white light, it then covers your body and then it grows covering the entire city, your country and eventually the entire planet. Just imagine how with this light your are sending love and peace to everyone.

Easy Meditation For Beginners

Thank you for allowing me to teach you this meditation. Since you are reading this, it may seem like a bunch of steps, but once you practice it, will become easier and easier. Here is just a brief summary:

1. Sit in a comfortable position and turn off any distractions.

2. Gently close your eyes.

3. Scan your body from head to toe and relax any part that may have any tension.

4. Breathe in through your nose and imagine this white light coming from the top of our head which heals your mind. Breathe out black smoke through your nose, to let go of any bad feelings you may have.

Allow yourself to get used to this meditation. When you do it on a daily basis, you will find out that it becomes easy and you won’t need to read the instructions anymore.

If possible, practice this meditation in the morning before going to work. This will allow you to start your day in a positive and peaceful way.

You can also incorporate it at any time of your day. For example when you get off from work, do it for just 3 to 5 minutes in your parked car before going home. This will allow you to let go of any stress and frustration you may have had with your boss or coworkers that day, and it will let you drive more calmly.

Enjoy this meditation, and feel free to share it with others. Please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you. May you have peace and love in your heart, and may you become more and more peaceful each day.


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  • Linda

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this beautiful, beautiful meditation!
    I also have some kind of experience with meditation, and maybe I am doing this for about 10 years. But still, I feel like a beginner. 🙂 Maybe it because I don’t meditate every day, and sometimes I even fall asleep.
    I believe that everyone who meditates for many years has their own unique ways. My typical meditation is a little bit different than yours.
    Meditation helped me heal my anxiety that causes physical symptoms and made my life difficult. Sometimes it still comes back, but I know how to deal with it.
    Meditation is great for stress and anxiety relief and can help us find a balance and inner peace. Many people can benefit from meditation.
    You can check my article about meditation:
    Thanks again!
    Have a great day!
    Best regards!

    • Carmen

      Hi Linda,

      Yes, meditation can really help deal with anxiety. It’s so sad how many people now at days suffer from it. It would be amazing if schools were to teach mediation to kids from a young age that way they would know how to deal with anxiety and stress. I’m so happy that you are able to deal with your anxiety. Thanks for sharing your article with us. Have a beautiful day 🙂

  • Jordan

    What a beautiful meditation! I actually felt better just reading about it 😊. This article has an energy that you can really feel. It’s clear how much meditation has helped you, and it inspires all of us to meditate too! Thank you!

  • Jordan

    I’ve also been meditating for 10 years, and I can say that from experience everything in this article is true. Such great advice, clear and easy to follow.

  • BrandonW4

    Hey, this is great!!

    I’ve recently had an urge to begin practicing meditation, and I do believe I’ve found the right place to help me do just that!!

    Thank you for the information.

  • Kim Clayden

    Thanks for sharing this. I had tried on and off meditating to help with my chronic joint condition. I have been very lax recently and this has inspired me to get started again. I love the design of your website too. So warm and welcoming. The way you write is lovely too. I will be visiting again for more tips and information on this. Thank you! Kim x

    • Carmen

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for the compliment, I’ve worked really hard to make this website welcoming to everyone. I hope you can give meditation a try again. Also, since you have chronic joint condition, have you ever try doing Qi Gong or Tai Chi? These gentle forms of exercises are really good to help with joint pain. There used to be an older lady in my tai chi class that had bad arthritis, but after a few months it was amazing how she could move again. When you meditate again make sure to sit on a chair instead of the floor. You have to be gentle with your body, then gradually if your body allows it, you can try sitting on the floor. Thanks for visiting, I hope you stop by soon. 🙂

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