Ultimate Guide: Meditation For Entrepreneurs – Get Rid Of Your Stress Today!

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As an entrepreneur, you are constantly moving from one thing to the other. So much to do, and so little time. Sounds familiar? That’s why I’ve created this guide of meditation for entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Meditating

You are a very busy person, and if you are thinking I don’t have time to meditate, you might be missing out on some great benefits. These benefits not only will help you become a better entrepreneur and help your business grow, but it will also help you become a happier and calmer person.

These are just some benefits you get from meditating:

It Reduces Stress:

Being an entrepreneur is extremely stressful (especially if you are a solo entrepreneur and are doing everything on your own!). By meditating for just a few minutes a day, it can help you feel more relaxed and fresh, so you can go and work on your business goals.

Meditation Increases Concentration:

Having to respond to e-mails, return phone calls, work on marketing for your business, etc., there are so many things you have to do in a single day. Since there is so much to do, when you actually get to a certain task, it seems like your mind is running in circles and it’s really hard to focus.

With meditation, you are able to concentrate better and give your fullest attention to what you are currently working on.

This not only helps with having a more balanced mind for the specific task at hand, it’s also done with higher quality since you can focus more clearly on it. In the long run this also helps you save time.

It Makes You Calmer:

Meeting with clients, computer system crashing, product shipment delays, etc. there is so much uncertainty in your business.

When things go wrong, for most people it’s natural to just start panicking. However, after meditating for a while, when things appear to go bad (life if just a matter of perspective), then you can make better decisions to how to fix the “problems”.

Helps Reduce Anxiety:

Your business is your livelihood, it’s your roof over your head and food in your belly. In other words, your business succeeding is really important, since unconsciously it means your survival. This can be really tricky, because we get stuck in just the “material world”.

Yes, we do need money to buy things, however, we forget (or may not even be aware) that there is this other part of us that is not material, something within us. When we meditate, we tap into it.

By doing so, our anxiety decreases and if we go deeper we can tune into who we really are.

It Helps With Making Better Decisions:

We have uncontrolled thoughts all day long. After meditating for a while you’ll become aware how your mind is always talking to you. You are not your thoughts; so don’t follow them.

When you meditate you develop awareness of not only your surroundings, but also your mind. Therefore, when a challenge arises you can have better judgment as to how to handle a situation, because you’ll be coming from a place of stillness, rather than from a chaotic mind.

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Scheduling Your Meditation

Scheduling is not only important to be as productive as possible in your business. It also helps you accomplish more in less time.

Meditation for Entrepreneurs scheduling time to meditate

If you don’t schedule, then you’ll more likely be working harder, not smarter.

If you don’t set blocks of time for certain tasks, then you will most likely end up working longer and not really focusing on the specific task at hand.

For example, if you check your social media throughout the day, rather than at designated times, you’ll most likely get distracted and waste time.

Yes, social media is important to connect with potential customers for your business, but if you don’t do it systematically it can do more harm than good.

Instead, just assign certain times when you’ll be working on social media, or better yet use social media scheduling services to reduce any potential distractions while visiting those sites.

I love pinning on Pinterest, my favorite scheduling apps is Tailwind. Currently, this is how I get most of my traffic to my website…Thanks to Tailwind I get over 2 million monthly viewes on my Pinterest account. If you want to increase your traffic and have fun while pinning I recommend using them. Plus they have a free trial for 100 pins. Give them a try!

You may be thinking “Yes, meditation is something I would like to learn, sometime in the future when I have more time”. The truth is you are always going to be busy.

However, if you schedule it into your life, then over time it will become a habit. After all, you don’t say I don’t have time to brush my teeth. Initially you were taught to do it, now it’s second nature.

“The things that get scheduled are the things that get done.” Robin Sharma

If you are new to meditation for entrepreneurs, I would recommend scheduling it in the morning because:

-That way it actually gets done.

-It will help you start your day in the right direction.

-You’ll be in a peaceful state of mind and ready to handle any difficult customers, employees, e-mails, etc.

-Then you’ll able to focus more on whatever you are working on.

-You’ll just feel good and the surrounding people will feel it too.

Creating Your Meditation Space

When meditating, it is really important to set your own meditation space. If you can have your own meditation room at home or in your office that’s even better, if not follow the tips below:

Getting Rid of Noise:

One of the biggest challenges most people face when meditating is noise distraction. When you are just starting out meditating, it seems that any small noise can distract you.

You are creating more awareness, so you’ll be more aware of all the sounds around you as well as the inner chattering voice within you.

It will take a while to master the inner chatter. However, to help with the noise outside you could use ear plugs or even a sound machine to mask out noises.

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Creating a Meditation Space Area:

As an entrepreneur, you might be working at home or in an office. What’s important is to make sure to create your personal meditation space area.

Working at an office:

entrepreneur woman meditating on top of desk

Chances are that you might have your own office or have to share it with other people in the same room. Either way, what you could do is use a room divider such as a screen to create your own peaceful space.

You can do the following:

If there is an empty room, convert it into a meditation room. If you have other people working with you, you could even do group meditations or set up meditation times for personal meditation sessions.

Chances are they might have heard about meditating and want to give it a try or they are already meditating. Either way, this could benefit your company and improve productivity.

Happy people = Happy company, which in the long run can mean more revenue.

If due to your particular circumstances, you are not able to create your own meditation space, then at the very least try turning your back to your computer. This will signal your brain that right now is time to meditate and not to work.

Working at home:

You might have your own office at home, work from the garage, basement, attic, bedroom, etc. When we work from home it’s important to set physical boundaries, not just for creating a meditation space, but also so we can also have a balanced life with our families.

If you can have your own meditation room, that’s the best option. If not, you can convert 1 room into two different spaces with a wide variety of room dividers.

Blackout Blind Curtains Space Divider

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Get Rid of Distractions

entrepreneur woman distracted by computer before meditating

We are so used to being busy all the time, that when we want to just settle down and be still it can be challenging at times. One of the greatest culprits is our cellphone.

While this little device can do wonders for our business, it can also cause our mind to be disturbed at times. So if you are trying to meditate, try leaving it in a different room.

I know that this for some people can be extremely radical, so you can just do baby steps.

If you are not able to completely leave your phone away from you, then try the following when meditating:

-Put it in silence mode

-Turn off notifications

-Have it face down (in case something pops up on the screen)

-Use a meditation app, such as the popular one Headspace (if you are going to have your phone, you might as well put it to good use).

Get Rid of Clutter

No matter whether you are meditating in your office or at home, if there is clutter around you, this can distract you.

clutter free bedroom

You may think, it doesn’t matter that my kitchen has piles of dirty dishes, that there are bills and papers all over my desk, the living room is a mess, etc.,

I’m not meditating in that room. However, your outside world is a reflection of your state of mind.

Try a little experiment. For example, if you meditate in your bedroom, for a couple of days don’t make your bed, leave things on the floor, have shoes scattered all over the room and sit down to meditate. See how it feels.

Then after 2 days, make your bed, vacuum the floor, remove any clutter from the floor and any other parts of the room and sit down to meditate. I can guarantee you’ll feel a difference.

However, if your bedroom is neat but then the rest of your home is a mess, you’ll feel a draining energy around you. You may even feel it right now, but may not be aware of it.

The more you meditate the more aware you become of your surroundings. And if your surroundings are messy this can drain you. Not only does this take energy away from your meditation, but also from your business. It’s not a coincidence that Zen monasteries are very simple and clean.

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Meditation for Entrepreneurs Questions and Answers

Meditation Techniques for Busy Entrepreneurs  woman meditating by the sea

If this is your first time meditating below is a “troubleshooting guide”:

My mind got so noisy after meditating!

Your mind didn’t get noisier, this is how your mind is all the time, but now you are aware of it. This is your inner chatter.

I can’t focus on my breathing, because I can’t stop thinking.

Meditation is not about stopping the mind from thinking. It’s about allowing things to just be the way they are and just create more awareness.

When thoughts come in (as they always do), just see them pop in your head, but don’t get attached to them, just let them go. Another thought comes up, watch it, don’t engage with it, and let it go.

It will take time, but after meditating for a while it will be like watching clouds pass by in the sky. The clouds being your thoughts and the clear sky being your peaceful true mind that’s within you.

Why do I start to itch when I meditate?

We are creatures of habit, and when we change to develop something new we may have resistance. You have been a slave of your mind your whole life, believing every thought without even questioning if it’s true.

Now that you are becoming a rebel (since you are meditating, a gateway to access your mind directly), your mind is trying to distract you from having a peaceful meditation session.

The mind is a very deep subject, if you want to learn more about it you can read the book How to Understand the Mind.

Do I have to follow a certain religion to meditate?

You don’t have to follow a particular religion or any religion in order to meditate. All you are doing is just gently breathing. However, there are more advanced meditation practices that you can do if you decide to follow a spiritual path.

These type of meditations are more in depth, and that go beyond releasing stress. If you are interested in doing meditations with spiritual teachings, I recommend reading The New Meditation Handbook.

When should I meditate and how often?

Food is nourishment for your body and meditation is nourishment for your mind. How would you feel if you only ate once a week? You would probably be weak and barely have energy to do physical things.

The same applies to your mind if you don’t “feed” it. If your mind is weak and has no energy, then stress, anxiety, depression, etc. can easily develop.

That’s why it’s important to meditate every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. What you are doing right now it just starting a habit, then later on your can extend the amount of your meditation practice.

First you can do it only in the morning. Later on, you can do it whenever you have any free time.

I don’t know anyone who meditates and I feel alone.

Meditation is a personal practice and not everyone is going to be advertising that they are meditating to the general public. However, there are thousands of people around the planet that meditate daily. You’ll feel so much better after practicing for a while.

Don’t be surprised when you become a happier person, people may even come up to you and ask what you have been doing different.

You could even be a “trend setter” within your circle of family and friends, and then teach them how to meditate. You could also find meditation classes near you to meet like-minded people.

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Conclusion For Meditation For Entrepreneurs

Thank you for being an entrepreneur and making a difference in the world with your ideas, products, services, etc.

woman looking at lake with arms open

You are doing so much every day to help your business grow, that it’s easy to forget about You.

If everyday you can spend a small amount of time working on yourself, you’ll become a better person, and in addition this will help you make better decisions and help your business grow.

I can say from personal experience and after meditating over 10 years, that meditation is the most important thing in my life. It’s my oxygen. If you create the habit of meditating every day, your life will change for the best.

Your anger will be drastically reduce, you’ll be able to focus more on your business, you will become more productive, you’ll be a happier person.

When I look back at the person I was before meditating, it’s almost like looking at a stranger. Yes, there are things I still have to work on in myself, but, meditation is helping me become a better version of myself and a much happier version too.

My fellow entrepreneur, I wish the best of luck to you on your business endeavors, but most importantly in your personal life.

Our business may go bankrupt, go public, sell millions, go out of business, we may sell our business, start a new business, etc.

Our money sources can change and will change through our whole life. The only constant in your life is YOU. Wherever you go, you are there. So take care of you. Meditate and see how your life transforms.

Give meditation a try. If you tried it in the past, and it didn’t work out, then try again. We are born every day and we are different from how we were yesterday. Today might be the right time to start meditating. After all, there is no better time than the Now.

I’ve been meditating for over 10 years, and gone on extensive meditation retreats around the world. It is my deepest wish to help as many people as possible to be able to cultivate this wonderful practice of meditation.

I’ve place my knowledge in a very effective meditation kit to help you meditate daily, so you can be productive and more at peace. I provide everything you need to have a successful meditation practice, including guided meditations that you can listen at any time. Check out the How To Meditate For Beginners Kit, I know that it will be very beneficial for you.

How To Meditate For Beginners. Learn An Effective Way To Meditate Daily and Feel Peaceful In Your Life!

Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope that it can help you with developing a meditation practice. Please share it with other entrepreneurs so they can also benefit from it.

Have an amazing day! 🙂


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Carmen Alfaro
Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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