10 Beautiful Chakra Decor Ideas That You Need To Try!

chakra decor ideas

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Are you wanting to create a peaceful space at home inspired by the colors and designs of the chakras? Here you will find the perfect chakra decor ideas to decorate your yoga room or meditation space.

I’ve been meditating and doing yoga for over 10 years, so I know how having our chakras balanced is important to our well-being.

We all have 7 main chakras which are (with their corresponding colors):


chakra diagram
  1. Root (red)
  2. Sacral (orange)
  3. Solar Plexus (yellow)
  4. Heart (green)
  5. Throat (light blue)
  6. Third eye (blue)
  7. Crown (purple)
Chakra is Sanskrit word that means wheel. So in essence our chakras are energy centers in our bodies that are spinning like wheels. When our chakras are balanced, they are all aligned one on top of the other and they are open.
When our chakras are closed, we may have different problems such as insecurity, fear, financial problems, etc. as it may be the case for a closed root chakra.
Chakras is a very in-depth topic to talk about, and it would take me many post to explain it . However, I just wanted to give you a brief explanation about what they are and their importance in our lives so you have a basic idea.
If you want to learn more about them, then check out the free masterclass Unlocking The Healing Power Of Your Chakras with Anodea Judith below. She has been teaching about the chakra system for decades.



Below you’ll find different chakra decor ideas using all seven colors or just one color for a specific chakra that you may need to work on.

Remember, go with your gut feeling, and go with was calling you.

Alright friends, let’s begin….

1. Chakra Wall Hangings

Hang these to your wall to add beauty. Use all 7 colors or just get the colors for the chakras that you need to work on.

Yoga Wall Hanging Art Ornament

Tree of Life Natural Healing Crystals Hanging Ornament

Pack of 2 Chakra Tapestry


2. Chakra Wall Art

Hang  these on your yoga space, or anywhere you want to add more brightness to your life!


12″x71″ Large Yoga Tapestry Meditation Studio Room 7 Chakra Hanging Banner


2 Pack Chakra Tapestry Wall Hanging with Tassel 12.8 x 51.2 inches


12″x59″ Large Yoga Tapestry
Hanging Banner

Chakra Collection

3. Chakra Singing Bowls

Use these singing bowls for a specific chakra in you body.

Shamans Market Svadhisthana Singing Bowl Chakra Gift Box

Shamans Market Vishudda Singing Bowl Chakra Gift Box

Shamans Market Sahasrara Singing Bowl Chakra Gift Box

4. Chakra Healing Box Sets

There are different crystals that are associated with different chakras in our bodies. You can even use them on your body and place them on the specific chakras points that you are trying to balanced.

Shamans Market Crystal Chakra Set


Chakra Therapy Starter Collection 17 pcs Healing Crystals kit

Crystalya Premium Grade Crystals and Healing Stones in Wooden Display Box

The Chakra System
Anodea Judith
A Complete Course in Self-Diagnosis and Healing


Chakra Activation
Anodea Judith
An Online Course for Empowerment through Your Body’s Energy Centers


Chakra Illumination
David Ison
A Musical Journey


5. Chakra Candles

Bring light and beauty to your meditation practice with these candles.

Crown Chakra Candle Frankincense & White Lotus Essential Oil


Chakra Votive Candles Scent Pack


Crystals and Healing Stones Chakra Candle


6. Chakra Tapestries

These tapestries really add a special touch to your yoga space or meditation room. You can hang them right next to where you do your yoga practice.

Seven Chakra  Colorful Mandala Meditation  Wall Hanging Tapestry

Seven Chakra Yoga/ Meditation Tapestry

Large Chakra Tapestry Lotus Zen Decor Tapestry


7. Chakra Bonsai Trees

The crystals of these trees really add a beautiful touch to any place you are in. See how the different colors correspond to the different chakras in your body.

Seven Chakra Natural Healing Gemstone Crystal Bonsai Fortune Money Tree

Seven Chakra Gemstone Tree of Life


7 Chakra Healing Crystals Copper Money Tree Wrapped On Natural Clear Quartz

8. Chakra Light Catchers

This is a fun way to add the chakras colors through the sun rays. Let the sun light pass through them and see the prism colors appear.

Chakra Crystal Pendants for Home

Tree of Life Chakra Colors Crystal Glass Suncatcher

Chandelier Crystals Ball Prisms Chakra Suncatcher

9. Chakra Sets

With these sets you’ll enjoy different ways to decorate your yoga and meditation spaces. Also help you on your healing journey.

Chakra  Weighted Healing Tuning with Long Handles Activator & Pouch


Chakra Amethyst Healing Crystals Set


Seven Chakra pendulum, pyramid, bracelet, and more combo


10. 7 Chakra Ornaments

Each chakra has different sacred geometry symbols. Place these wall ornaments to bring peace to your yoga space.

Wooden Chakra Ornaments Set


Chakras Sacred Geometry Wall Decor


7 Chakras Wall Decor and Sri Yantra Mandala Sacred Geometry Wall Art Set (8pcs)


Conclusion For Chakra Decor Ideas

I hope you were able to find the perfect chakra decor item for your yoga space or meditation room.

By looking at these decor items, it will help to remind you to always keep your chakras balanced. Make sure to always incorporate a daily chakra balancing meditation, this will help you have a more stable and happy life.

Thank you so much for reading this. May you be filled with love and light in your life. Have a blessed day.

Please make sure to share this post with others so they can also add beauty to their meditation and yoga space.


woman in blue shirt

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Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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