How To Bring Serenity To Your Home With These Zen Decor Ideas!

zen decor bedroom with aqua colors

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Hello friends! I want to help you feel peaceful at home. So today I ‘m going to share with you some great home zen decor ideas.

I’ll be showing you everything you need to know from using zen colors, the 5 basic elements, furniture, home accents and more. Plus, I’ve included some zen bedroom and living room ideas so you can be inspired to create your own zen space at home.

Normally I write about creating your meditation space. However, today I want to share how you can also bring some zen to the rest of you home. I hope you enjoy it.

Let’s begin!

What is Zen?

Zen is a type of Buddhism that has been practiced for hundreds of years mainly in eastern Asia.

That’s why in zen decorations you see a lot of images of Buddha, since he was the teacher that lived in India almost 2,600 years ago, and gave teachings which later became known as Buddhism.

However, now at days “Zen” is used more as a slang word meaning feeling relaxed and calm. Therefore, you don’t have to be Buddhist in order to use zen decor in your homes.

Also, a lot of the “zen look” has a lot of influence from Japanese architecture.

How Do I Make My House Feel Zen?

To feel zen it’s about being in the present moment. Therefore your home can help you be a reminder of mindfulness.

We are so busy in everyday life, so we need to take short breaks throughout the day to feel the stillness that is within us.

In order to do this we need to be in an environment that will be relaxing and simple. For instance, this is why you see a lot of traditional Japanese architecture with designs that are very minimal, since this makes the mind calmer. Also, the colors are neutral and the furniture designs are made out of natural wood with clean cuts.

So below we’ll discuss some 5 basic ideas that you can start incorporating into your home.

  1. Colors
  2. Connection With The 5 Elements
  3. Furniture
  4. Home Accents
  5. Simplicity

1. How To Use Zen Colors:

Zen colors are very calming earth color tones. The purpose of this is to connect you to the Earth, and to feel connected to nature when you are inside.

When trying to achieve a zen look stick to 1 to 2 colors. For example, the primary colors could be a light earth tone and should cover 60% to 70% of the walls.

Here are some great examples:

Optionally you can use a secondary color to add emphasis to a wall or certain sections in a room.

In addition you could use curtains as the secondary color.

Rowland Blackout Curtain Panel – Eclipse

Olive Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains Panels Set of 2

2. Incorporating The 5 Elements In Zen Decor:

The 5 basic elements can be found everywhere in nature. For Instance they make up every thing we see, all from a single blade of grass to the sky. In addition, they are also inside our bodies.

The 5 basic elements are:

water element used in zen decor

In the body: Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, which helps different nutrients to be carried though our veins.
In nature: It allows rivers to flow which carry the water to nourish life.

wind element used in zen decor

In the body: Helps us breathe.
In nature: Helps with movement and cleansing of the Earth.

rocks and bamboo, earth element use in zen decor

In the body: The anatomical structure of our bodies, that holds everything together.
In nature: The main foundation that hold the entire planet.

fire element, used in zen decor

In the body: Responsible for the heat in our bodies.
In nature: The sun, which brings everything to life.

empty sky, space element used in zen decor

In the body: Allows us to move our bodies.
In nature: This is the empty space what lets us to move from one place to another. Without it a bird could not fly in the sky.

Below, let’s explore different ways how you can bring these elements into your home.



Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain w/ 3 Candles

Homedics Relaxation Indoor Tabletop Fountain

Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain


Wind chimes

The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned Amazing Grace Chime

Outdoor Windchime with 6 Tubes Tuned to B Pentatonic Scale

Soothing Melodic Tones & Solidly Constructed Bamboo/Aluminum Chime



Succulent Plants (5 Pack), Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil

Money Tree Pachira, Medium With Premium Ceramic Planter



3 Decorative Candle Holders, Rocks and Tray

Tealight Candle Holders with Candle Tray Set of 3

NEST New York Amalfi Lemon & Mint Scented 3-Wick Candle


Solid Wood Table Lamps with Fabric Shade

Shelf & LED Floor Lamp Combination

Himalayan Salt Lamp 6-8”


Room Dividers

4-Panel Blossom Screen Room Divider

4-Panel Room Divider Screen, Silver

8-Panel Freestanding Beige Woven Bamboo Folding Room Divider

marie diamond how to instantly feng shui

If you saw The Secret, then you might remember seeing Marie Diamond as the Feng Shui expert. Now you can actually watch a free masterclass where she will teach you some basic Feng Shui principles that you can apply to your home. Sign up now!

3. Home Zen Furniture

If you want to create a serene atmosphere, then incorporate zen inspired types of furniture. In particular get ones that have simple lines and neutral colors.


Wood & Cane Accent Chair – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

Tarawitt Modern Cane Accent Chair Natural – Project 62™

Davis Upholstered Armchair – Ave Six


POLY & BARK Goa Coffee Table

63″ Mid-Century Modern Sideboard Buffet Table 

Small Coffee Table with Gold Legs


Delia Microsuede Upholstered Sleeper Sofa – Room & Joy

Sofa Couch with Wood Base and Legs

Clyde Linen Upholstered Sofa – Inspire Q

4. Zen Home Accents Decor Ideas

The ideas of home accents is to add a special personal touch. Therefore when you walk into a room it should be an eye grabber that really stands out from the neutral colors on the walls. In addition they can have colors that compliment a secondary wall color.

Zen Decor Wall Art

Modern 4 Panel Stretched Contemporary Zen Canvas Prints

Aromatic Candles and Zen Stones – Canvas Art Wall Art

Blue Buddha Wall Decor Canvas Print

Decorative Pillows

Set of 4 Green Plant Throw Pillow Covers

Japanese Bamboo Trees Sun and Mountains Painting Satin Cushion Cover Square

Set of 4 Throw Pillow Covers Japanese Zen Tree Eastern Nature

Buddha Statues

Standing Bronze Buddha Statue

Buddha Scented Candle Collection

Buddha Tealight Holder

5. Adding Simplicity To Your Home

We have talked about colors, the 5 basic elements, home accents and furniture. So now let’s take a look at an overlooked subject: simplicity.

To have a zen room, you need to have a minimalist approach.

Lets take a look at some suggestions:

Wall art: You’ll want to have one big main painting on the wall, or a matching set of paintings that belong to the same design. Otherwise hanging a bunch of different styles paintings is distracting, and the eyes won’t know what to focus on since everything is competing for attention.

Tables: Try to have only one or two items on the side and coffee table. For instance have a plant, table fountain or candle. On the other hand having a stack of magazines, remote controls, bills, books can make it busy. Plus, it can attract even more clutter since subconsciously you might be “Well it’s already messy.”

A solutions for all the extra items is to put them in some matching boxes or baskets. Then place them under the table. In fact when I did this at home, I felt more relaxed looking at my coffee table.

Innovations Rectangular Seagrass Baskets Lids (Set of 3)

Organizer Baskets with Handles – Set of 3

3 Pack Foldable Storage Bin

Colors: Stick to one or two neutral colors to keep everything uniform. Then if you want add just one color for emphasis, such as a turquoise or green. For example this can be added to a single wall, vases or pillows.

These are just some suggestions, so please feel free to decorate as you wish.

Bedroom Zen Decor Ideas

zen decor in bedroom

Get this look:

7 ft. Tall Natural Zen Shoji Sliding Door Kit

Handmade Carved Wood Lamp

Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

zen decor bedroom with aqua colors

Get this look:

Handmade Cherry Blossom Tree Wood Lamp Oriental

36Inch 16LED Natural Willow Twig Lighted Branch

White Embossed Ceramic Floral Decor Vase, Set of 2

serene minimalist bedroom using zen decor

Get this look:

Round Modern White Ceramic Planter Pot

Beige Queen Size Sheet Set

Queen Size Platform Bed, Natural Maple

bedroom decorated with zen buddha statue

Get this look:

Crystal Cove Mattress

Crystal Cove Mattres

Buddha Shakyamuni Statue

Natural Seagrass Farmhouse Area Rug, 2′ 6″ x 4′, Beige

Tips For Keeping Your Bedroom Zen

Your bed tends to be the center of attention of the room. With this in mind, make your bed everyday. This will be very beneficial. For instance If you have had a rough day at work, think of how you’ll feel between seeing a messy bed or a well made bed.

Get rid of things that are draining your energy:

These are things in your to do list or chores half way done.

  • For example seeing a hamper with clean clothes that needs to be put away. Therefore actually put it away or hide it in the closet.
  • In addition it could be a book that your friend gave you and haven’t read yet. As a result seeing it in your night table might make you feel guilty. So either put it on a book shelf, or give it to someone who might actually enjoy it. In short if you really wanted to read it you would have read it by now. Your time is very valuable, so don’t feel bad saying no to it.


  • TV is meant to stimulate your brain, not to make it feel calm and relaxed. For this reason take the TV out of the bedroom. I know some people like to sleep with the TV on so there is a background noise, therefore you could instead try using a sound machine that has different nature sounds.
  • Cellphones emit harmful EMFs, thus it can disrupt your sleep cycle. With this in mind leave your cell phone in a different room. Don’t worry, you’ll be OK without it. In addition, when you wake up the last thing you want to do is see notifications. Love yourself enough to give yourself a good night sleep and value your time.

Living Room Zen Decor Ideas

living room with zen floor couch and zen decor

Get This Look:

61″ Soft Light Floor Lamp

Modern Loveseat/Sofa/Couch with Armrest

Decorative Linen Throw Pillow Covers

Japanese style living room  with zen decor

Get This Look:

Aspen Futon Set with Reclaim Mocha Finish

Double Cross Shoji Lamp

2 Pieces Of Natural Style Lined Linen Throw Pillow Cushion Covers

zen decor corner idea

Get This Look:

Circular Firwood Hanging Wall Shelf

Seagrass Meditation Yoga Chair

18″ Window Pane Shoji Lamp – Natural

Zen Japanese table and floor pillows using zen decor

Get This Look:

Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp

100% GOTS Cotton Zabuton

Fake Bamboo Tree

Tips For Keeping Your Living Room Zen

If you receive some packages, open them as soon as possible to avoid a collection of boxes on the entry way or living room.

When you get the mail, open it right away and decide what to keep. Finally recycle non sensitive information and shred the rest.

Have a designated place for jackets, boots, blankets in your home since they tend to accumulate in the living room.

Feeling Zen In Your Life

It’s good to use zen decor in your home so you can bring a sense of calmness. However, what’s even better is taking the time to slow down even for just a few seconds throughout the day and just be still.

For instance, if you have a candle lit in your living room, just stop what you are doing and for a few seconds take a look at it. Use your senses, enjoy the scent it emits, see the flame flicker, if it’s in a glass jar then feel it.

Another example is to look at a painting on the wall. Stop and appreciate its beauty. Then each day look at it, and see if you can find new things you didn’t see the day before. Take a look at the dark and light parts of the painting, see if you can see the texture of the canvas it was painted on, notice how your mind feels when you look at it.

Use your home as a tool to help you practice mindfulness every day.

thich nhat hanh body and mind

Thich Nhat Hanh is one of the leading teachers on mindfulness. His teachings are very profound and life changing. Check out his Body and Mind are One online training course in mindfulness.

Conclusion For Zen Decor Ideas

I hope you were able to learn how to incorporate zen decor into your homes.

To recap use mainly neutral colors, the five elements, home accents zen items, furniture and make sure to incorporate simplicity.

Above all work on your mind, practice mindfulness so you can truly enjoy your surroundings.

Take care my dear friend! Also, if you haven’t done so already make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. This way you will also get some beautiful quotes that you can use to decorate your home.


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