How to Create Your Peaceful Outdoor Meditation Space In 5 Easy Steps!

woman meditating in her outdoor meditation space

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It’s wonderful to have an outdoor meditation space! This is a very sacred space where you can be out in nature and at the same time practice mindfulness. Here you will find a guide to help you decide which type of meditation space to have, how to create YOUR peaceful outdoor meditation space, and tips for meditating outside.

I love being in my backyard. So actually a few days ago when I was sitting down under my tree enjoying the refreshing breeze on a hot summer day, I came up with the idea of writing this post. Even though I have my meditation space inside my house, I also have a very special place outside where I like to hang out to be more in touch with nature, and at the same time help my mind relax.

If you already have a meditation room or a meditation corner in your house that’s great. However, I would like to invite you to also have special meditating area outside. This is important since we live in a very technological society where we are inside all the time. Being outside in nature helps to lift our minds and gives us lots of energy that normally gets drained out by being around too many electronic devices.

1. Select Your Outdoor Meditation Space

When it comes to meditating outside, there are so many possibilities. Mother nature has so many gifts to offer us, and there is something very special when we meditate outside.

The cool thing is that you can create your unique outdoor meditation space in so many ways. Here we’ll explore some possible ideas for your little piece of Heaven on Earth:

– She Shed: The concept of taking a traditional shed in the backyard and turning it into your personal “Women’s Cave”. This is perfect if you want your very own space away from the noise of your family in the house. Plus, you can decorate it any way you want to reflect your own personality.

Outdoor Storage Shed with Windows, Skylights and Shelving, 8 by 10 Feet

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse, 8′ x 8

Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters, Windows, and Skylights, 8 by 15 Feet

– Meditation Hut: This is a small type of dwelling that you can build in your backyard. Here you can make it as simple as you wish by just having a comfortable sitting area, such as a meditation cushion or a cozy chair.

– Tree House: There are some remarkable tree houses for adults. They can range from just a basic platform on top of the tree, to a more elaborate structure with a door and windows. (Just to be safe, don’t meditate here if there is a powerful thunderstorm)

Meditation Tent: These type of tents can vary, from ones that are designed for just one person sitting down with a mosquito tent all around, to bigger sizes where you can decorate with multiple floor pillows if you choose. You can also take the concept of glamping (glamorous camping) to have a very fancy outdoor meditation space.

Three-Season Cotton Canvas Pyramid Tent

Fully Covered 6 Feet Giza Meditation Pyramid for Heart Chakra

Under the Weather 1 Person Pop-up Weather Pod

– Back Porch: Here you can have your own meditation corner. If you want an added sense of privacy you can use a room screen to divide two spaces.

– Under a Tree: Very basic, yet still very powerful. You can meditate while sitting on a comfortable chair or your personal meditation cushion.

– Suns Shade Sail if you prefer to meditate outside with some shade, then this is a perfect option. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your preference.

12′ x 12′ x 12′ Triangle Sand Sun Shade Sail Canopy UV Block

Patio Sun Shade Sail Canopy, 8′ x 12′

8′ x 10′ Sun Sail Shade Canopy


With a gazebo you can really create a beautiful meditation space.

Backyard Discovery 12 x 12 Gazebo

Pop Up Gazebo with Mosquito Netting 13’x13′

11’x11′ Pop-Up Gazebo Tent Instant with Mosquito Netting

2. Decorate Your Outdoor Meditation Space

We are visual beings and the surrounding environment around us is very important, especially when trying to meditate. It’s vital to set the right stage for us to be able to enter into a relaxing state of mind.

You may have a small or huge backyard, but the size is not important. What you need to keep in mind is that it’s a space that makes you feel calm and welcomed. There are various elements that you can incorporate into your garden landscape to make it more visually appealing.

Once you have selected where you want to meditate in your backyard, then it’s time to start decorating!! This is lots of fun since there are so many possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Outdoor Rugs

You can use your outdoor rug to bring beauty to your meditation space. Depending on your taste, they come in a wide variety such as zen styles, tropical, bohemian, etc.

Coastal Tropical Carpet Outdoor Patio Rug

Well Woven Woden Green Outdoor Rug

Oriental Turkish IOutdoor Floor Mat, 5 by 8-Feet

Zen Japanese Garden

Even if you are not trying to meditate, by just looking at it you will feel peaceful. When things are in order, such as in this type of garden design, the mind enters into a state of harmony.

Pagoda Lantern Outdoor Statue

VINGLI 5 ft Garden Bridge
Meditating Buddha Head Zen Outdoor Statue 18 1/2″

Meditation Cushions

There are different styles of meditation cushions with beautiful designs. Not only will they help add comfort to your meditation, but it will also add beauty to your outdoor meditation space.

Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

Florensi Meditation Cushion

Yoga Meditation Buckwheat Bolster Pillow Cushion

Water Fountain

When there is water moving, it helps remove stagnant energy. The sound of the water flowing is very soothing, and it also helps mask some unwanted noise.

Water Jar Fountain w/LED Light, 32 Inch Tall

Floor Stacked Stone 4 Tiered Bowls Waterfall Water Fountain for Outdoor Patio

Sitting Buddha Zen Outdoor Floor Water Fountain with Light LED 21″

Garden Pathway

This is especially helpful for people that want to practice walking meditation. The pathways can be designed with materials such as: stones, wood, concrete, or gravel.

15 x 15 Rubber Stepping Stones Tile – Copper – Set of 3

Square Marble Stepping Stones

Roll Out Wooden Straight Garden Pathway

Garden Statues

These elements add a little touch of magic to any garden. They come in different styles, like animals, fairies, Buddhas, angels, etc.

Zen Garden Gnome Statue, 8 Inch

Meditating Zen Yoga Frog Garden Statue

Zen Buddha Solar Powered LED Outdoor Garden Statue

Garden Lighting

You can create a beautiful ambiance with light. This can be achieved by using a wide variety of lighting fixtures such as lanterns, string lights, wireless lamps, wall lamps and much more.

Outdoor String Lights 25 Feet

2 Pack TomCare Solar lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern Outdoor

Maggift 2 Pack Hanging
Outdoor Solar Lights

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3. Design Your Outdoor Meditation Space

When it comes to decorating your outdoor meditation space there are so many possibilities! It will all depend on your personal preferences. However, keep in mind the following when designing this space:

Is it functional?

Can you just go and sit with no problem in your outdoor meditation space? For instance, if you are meditating in your back porch, do you need to move a table or a grill every time to sit to meditate on your meditation cushion or chair? If so, take the time to rearrange this area so you don’t have to constantly shift things around. If needed, you can use a room divider such as a room screen, so you don’t have to look at unwanted messy objects that you may have back there.

Outdoor/Indoor Room Divider (3-Panel), 102″ W X 16″ D x 71″ H, Gray

NICETOWN Patio Outdoor Curtain Waterproof

Backyard X-Scapes Black Rolled Bamboo Fence 1in D x 6ft H x 8ft L

Will this only be used seasonal meditation space?

If you live where it snows, you may only be able to use it during a few months out of the year. You could,however, put insulation in your shed and use a space heater to keep you warm.

How to Create Your Peaceful Outdoor Meditation Space woman sitting under a tree

Does it make me feel comfortable?

For example, you don’t want to be meditating on a hard metallic chair outside. This can make you feel uncomfortable and it will either shorten your meditation session, or you may not even want to meditate because of the discomfort. To solve this, you could use some comfortable outdoor chair cushions to sit on.

Can you easily access it?

Let’s say you have a meditation hut, but it’s constantly raining. Is there a pathway with stepping stones or similar materials from your house to the hut so your shoes don’t get super muddy?

When planning your outdoor meditation space it’s important to think of the points mentioned above. It really only takes something really small, such as not liking the position of your chair, to tempt you into not meditating there. So carefully take notes of how your feel when you are meditating in that area, and see of any possible ways to improve it if necessary.

4. Outdoor Meditation Styles

Meditation is used to calm and relax the mind, and there are different ways of doing this. The most traditional one is sitting down quietly and feeling the sensation of your breath. When you practice meditation on a regular basis, you can see your life begin to change.

If you can start a morning meditation practice, this can help set you up for a good day.

There are also other options that you can have to practice mindfulness, such as the ones below:

– Gratitude Journal: A fast way to change a bad state of mind is by giving thanks for what we do have. This causes a shift in our minds instantly. By writing down what you are grateful for, it causes a higher vibration in the body, which in turn changes you from a negative to a very high state of mind.

woman grounding in her outdoor meditation space

– Grounding: This is one of my personal favorites, it is also called earthing. To do this you can either stand up or sit down. Just take off your shoes and put your bare feet on the ground. This is such a calming feeling. If you do this every day for at least 5 minutes, I guarantee you will feel a difference.

– Walking Meditation: There are some people that find it hard to just sit down to meditate. A great solution for this is walking meditation. Here you are just walking slowly and contemplating the sensation of your body, mainly your feet as you press down to the ground. This has a calming effect since you are very mindful of each step you take.

– Mantra Recitation: There are different mantras that can be recited as part of a meditation practice. The mantra varies from some ancient Sanskrit from different types of spiritual traditions. Some people may also use a mala while doing these mantras. However, a mantra does not necessarily have to be some ancient word that some people may not know its original meaning, but it could also be a personal word or phrase such as “I love myself” or “I’m enough”.

– Yoga: When you practice yoga, you are moving certain energies inside your body. Depending on the poses hat you are using, these can have a very relaxing effect on your mind.

5. Tips for Meditating Outside

woman reading a book in her outdoor meditation space

-Read inspirational books: There are so many amazing
authors who are sharing their years of wisdom and knowledge  through their writing. If you are reading this post, then most likely you are trying to make positive changes in your life.

By learning from a variety of people from different walks of life, this can help enrich your life. This not only helps you, but it also benefits those around you.

You could read about:

Health and Healing


– Stay hydrated: Make sure to drink plenty of water when meditating. This will help with not getting sleepy while meditating or getting any headaches from being dehydrated.

-Avoid ants-don’t eat outside: If you decide to meditate under a tree in your backyard on a nice day, make sure not to bring any food with you. For example, you may feel like having just a small snack before meditating, however, tiny little pieces of your food can fall on the ground and it only takes 1 ant to notify the others that there is a party nearby.

To solve this, just eat inside the house. If for any reason you do happen to have any problems with ants, a natural and humane way to deal with them is to use powdered cinnamon. They don’t like the smell of it, so they stay away from it. This is what we had to use years ago when we had a bunch of ants coming into our house.

-Citronella to scare off mosquitoes or wasps: Since you’ll be meditating outside, you may encounter some unwanted insects flying around you. Citronella works wonders by releasing a scent that scares off insects. Personally I find the smell pleasant, so it’s a win/win; you get rid of mosquitoes and wasps, and it smells good.

-Watch the clouds: If you just sit down (or even lay down) and watch the clouds pass by, this can be a very powerful mindfulness practice. It’s amazing how vast the sky is, and by deeply looking at it can bring a sense of peace.

-Gardening is a type of meditation in motion: I love when I tend to my garden, since it’s so relaxing and fun. There is something spectacular that happens when you plant a seed and a few days later you see a tiny sprout come out.

woman gardening in her outdoor meditation space

We all have inside of us the immense potential for inner peace. Just like gardening, we can take this tiny seed, water it, give it sunlight, and over time we have a beautiful plant sprouting out of the ground.

Our potential is the seed. The meditation practice is the water. Then grace or blessings is the sunlight. May you all grow up to be beautiful flowers in this garden called Planet Earth.

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I love hearing your from. Let me know, do you meditate in your backyard? What type of meditation do you practice?


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  1. This is so cool, it makes me think of the Buddha meditating outside under the Bodhi tree, with a modern twist! Meditating in nature is so calming and healing, thank you for sharing how to create a meditation space outdoors so I can enjoy nature while I meditate but still be comfortable in my own personal beautiful environment!

    1. We are part of nature, but sometimes we forget about it. Mother Earth is always ready to take us into her loving care. Meditating outside just brings us closer to her. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Have a beautiful day! 🙂

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