How To Escape The Age of Ignorance

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We live in a in world of ignorance, and we don’t even know about it. We go about our days and don’t think much about the meaning of our lives. It’s as though we are sleep walking, but we are awake.

So much of the things that we have been brought up to believe as the truth, is nothing more than someone’s idea of how the world is. These ideas or dogmas have been passed down from generation to generation all the way down to us.

They may have been inherited from cultures, religions, or family members.

I remember when I was in first grade being taught the following at school:

  • You are born
  • You grow up
  • You reproduce
  • Then you die

This has been the mantra of humanity most of its life.

In other words:

– You showed up here by accident for no apparent reason.
– You are here, so go to school so you can get a good job.
– You need to get married so you can have kids.
– You die…but before that, teach your kids to repeat the above steps and teach their kids as well.

This will help keep the perpetual ignorance of humanity for generations to come if we don’t break the cycle.

What do I mean by ignorance?

It means not knowing the truth.

There are so many life truths that whey would not all fit in one article and would take many pages to write. Here is just a small list so you can get an idea:

Not knowing that you are pure consciousness manifesting temporarily in a physical form.

woman sitting by lake reflection of the sky on the water

-Not knowing that nature is not separate from us, but we are part of it.

-Not knowing that people only act due to their own level of consciousness.

-Not knowing that the actions that we do today affect what happens to us in the future.

-Not knowing that our life is more about going to school and getting a job so you can survive.

“There are three classes of people. Those that see. Those that see when they are shown. Those that do not see.” -Leonardo Da vinci

The Media and World’s Control Over Who You Are

For many people being in quarantine has been really hard. Not being able to go out, hang out with friends, go out to eat, not being able to get their hair done, etc.

However, I want to give a different perspective. One that has been going around in different spiritual circles…We are loving this time!!

Why? You may ask. Because we can use this time to go even deeper inside ourselves, without all the distractions from the world.

Many people are not aware that they are slaves of society. They buy into what the world and the media tells them who they should be, what they should fear, who they should hate, what they should eat, what music they should listen to and much more.

Our modern society is built to keep us distracted from going within to see who we truly are.

A typical day for someone might look something like this:

woman multitaking

-Get up early to go to work.

-Check social media.

-No time for breakfast—get a piece of toast and coffee.

-Drop off the kids at school.

-Check social media.

-Get stuck in traffic and worry about getting fired.

-Check social media.

-Go to a job that you hate, but at least it helps pay rent.

-Check social media.

-Rush to take your kids to soccer practice, piano practice, tae kwon do practice, etc.

-Post on social media.

-Run to the store to buy some groceries.

-Check social media.

-Get upset with your significant other because he or she didn’t do (fill in the blank).

-Post something on social media.

-Come home exhausted and try to make a meal.

-Check social media.

-Watch some tv shows or the news since by this time you are brain dead.

-Check social media.

-Go to sleep.

-Wake up in the middle of the night.

-Check social media.

-Don’t’ forget to repeat again tomorrow!

This example will vary, since some people might be single, have no kids, they might be going to college, or have different life circumstances, but you can see how a “normal” day can be filled with so many activities that are not conducive to well being.

In the above scenario, where is there any time for inner development, meditation, contemplation, journaling, reading, yoga or anything that feeds the soul?

What is interesting is that since the quarantine started, someone that doesn’t know me that well, asked me if I had started any new hobbies. I realized that some people are going crazy, since their days are filled with boredom because they don’t know what to do with their free time. Honestly, it has been years since the last time I was bored.

This quarantine time has been a precious gift from the universe to help me go even deeper on my journey. I now have more time to meditate, watch inspiring videos, listen to spiritual teachers, read self help and spiritual books, exercise, do yoga and qigong, create designs and be able to be in silence more.

For a long time, people had been programmed to just go, go go, and now it’s hard to just slow down and take it easy.

It’s hard because now you have this precious time to be with you…and your uncontrolled mind.

People are afraid to go within, because it’s against what we are taught as a “normal” way of life. Insanity, over consumption, competition, fear, jealousy, struggling, addictions, depression, anxiety, stress, are what the world is telling us is ok.

However, I’m here to tell you that your true nature is filled with love and peace, and you don’t have to continue following the crowd just to fit in.

Breaking Free From the Ignorance

Most people have been practicing being so busy all the time, that when it’s time to take a break, it can be challenging.

girl holding jar with flying butterflies

Not only is there a resistance mentally, but also physically. Some people have a hard time just sitting still.

You could say this is kinda like going through withdrawal symptoms from the “running in the hamster wheel” lifestyle.

However, if you are willing to change your life for the better, then you can make extraordinary changes in your life.

If I were to go back in time to my younger self, and she was able to see who I’m now, she would not recognize me. That’s how I know, that change is possible.

There is that saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

Later on in my life , I was open to learn new things. New teachings came my way in the way of books, Youtube videos, teachers, spiritual retreats and more. Back in my teenage years it was sad not fitting in, now I’m grateful I didn’t follow the pack, so I could follow my own light.

If you are still reading this, there is a reason why the universe led you here instead of watching some dancing cat video. It’s a wake up call to go within and question your life.

Please ask yourself this:

“On my dying bed, will I die with regret or will I be able to say that I lived life to the fullest and became one with the universe?”

Life Visioning Mastery with Michael Beckwith

Who You Truly Are

“Ignorance is bliss” that’s what some people with victim mentality like to say.

Some people rather be ignorant than face the truth. The truth is hard because it means that you have to take action and responsibility. It puts you in the driver seat of your life.

It means you can’t be blaming others for your life situation. Yes, someone might have hurt you in the past. However, the past is in the past. Those people could even be dead now, but if you don’t let it go, then you are bringing those people back to life.

Pain is temporary, you can break your leg then it heals. However, suffering is mentally, and that can last for decades if you don’t release it.

You are not who society tells who you are.

-You are not your age.
-You are not your race.
-You are not your gender.
-Your college degree or lack of college degree.
-You are not who your parents tell you who you are.
-You are not who your “friends” tell you who you are.
-You are not who the IQ test tell you you are

Those are the labels society have given you. Worse, those are the labels you believe to be you if you don’t question them.

It’s time to break free from the chains of the past!

Who you are is:

woman running freely at the beach

-Infinite Potential
-Infinite Love
-Infinite Bliss
-Infinite Goodness
-Infinite Manifestation
-Immortal and Eternal, only changing bodies with each incarnation which teaches you different life lessons. Only your body dies, but who you truly are is always alive.

You are so much more that our human brains can’t even comprehend, because this knowledge can’t be understood by our heads, but by a more powerful interpreter found in the center of our chest, the heart chakra.

We have been taught to only listen with our ears, but we have never been taught to listen with our hearts.

When you listen from your heart (the heart chakra), you KNOW, you don’t think, it’s a deeply knowing and sense of connection to something higher than you.

Ignorance is walking alone in the dark. Connection to your higher self, who you truly are, is like walking in a beautiful field surrounded by loving spiritual beings who guide you on your path.

What To Do Next

Life is for you, not against you.

All the “challenges” in life are here to make us stronger. One of my motto’s in life is:

“What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”

Looking back in time, I’m grateful for all the difficulties I had in my life. If I had an “easy” life, I would have never questioned about the meaning of my life.

I would probably just be married, had kids, and wait to die.

However, there was an inner feeling that life must be more than just going to school, getting a job and paying the bills.

We are so ignorant and we are walking in circles, following other confused people.

However, along the way in the existence of humanity, we are lucky enough to have spiritual teachers come to us and open our eyes.

If you really want to change, you have to be fed up with your life. You have to want it badly that you can’t take it anymore. 

You have to be willing to let go of your suffering and your personal story.

When you are ready, all of a sudden someone might give you the book you needed to read at that moment.

You may have a phrase stuck in your head, you google it, and then you find a video that otherwise you would have never found.

You may turn down a job offer not knowing why (in your head), but something told you don’t work there. Then later on you have a job that helps you grown spiritually due to all the challenges that you are able to overcome. Teaching you to be resilient.

There are so many ways that the universe is trying to get your attention. The question is, are you listening?

woman meditating in the forest

Here are some suggestions:

Taking the example from the typical day above, do it for you own life. What does an average day look like for you? You can even grab a piece of paper and divide it into 7 columns to represent all 7 days of the week. Now fill it in.

Then look at the activities that are draining your energy out. Meaning, after you do them you feel tired as though you had run a marathon, even if they only last a few minutes. Make a list of them or even highlight them on the piece of paper you just wrote.

Ask yourself, how would I feel if I didn’t have to do (you fill in the blank).

Next : Take action now!

As much as possible try to take out those draining actives and filled them up with something that frees up time and helps nourish your soul instead. Take baby steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

For example, if it drains you to go to the grocery store. Then try online shopping instead (I’m doing that now and I love it). This can give you an extra hour to 2 hours (driving, trying to find parking, being in line, etc) so now you can use that time instead to do some yoga and read a book.

If it drains you having to clean the house. Remember you are not the maid, have your significant other and children pick up after themselves have them help with different mini chores. If you don’t ask for help they will continue thinking that you love to clean. This can help free up some time so you can meditate instead.

Those might be very obvious activities, however, there are some that are so subtle you may not even realize them.

They are things such as:

-Being on social media all the time!
-Watching scary, drama, violent tv shows/movies.
-Watching the news.
-Listening to the DJs on the radio.
-Talking with friends/family members that are very negative and not supportive.
-Playing video games.
-Drinking and smoking.

Little by little you can substitute those activities with more nourishing ones. Some examples are:

family sitting down watching tv

Try to limit the time you are on social media.

Watch funny tv shows/ movies or inspirational programs instead.

You don’t have to watch the news everyday, limit the time, and seek sources that tell the truth and don’t feed you with fear.

Listen to an audio book instead.

Avoid talking to those friends and family members if possible, if unable limit your time to just a few minutes just to say hi and then excuse yourself.

Go for a walk instead of sitting in front of the tv playing video games, this over stimulates the brain and makes people more anxious.

Try making natural juices that taste good to you. This will nourish your body, and help you make healthier decisions since your mouth will know what tastes natural and good.

I know that these changes won’t happen over night, but it’s just a starting point. You are in the driver seat, and only you can decide what you want to change in your life.

Then you’ll see how when you take one step, you are guided to take another.

Out of nowhere you’ll find resources to help you on your life journey. Different teachers will appear in your life to help you if you let them.

Your life is so precious, use this time wisely. You have so many gifts and talents that are trying to come out.

We are all connected, you are not alone. It is not by chance that you came here. Please subscribe to my newsletter so we can keep in touch.

Make time to be in silence each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Listen to your soul talk to you.

Meditate daily, that’s the best thing you can do for your self and for the planet.

When you connect to a higher source than you, that’s when the ignorance will start to leave your mind. The truth will set you free.

I wish you all the best on your path of self discovery. Leave your comments below, as always I love hearing from you.

May you have a blessed day! 🙂

Love and Light,

woman with hat

Carmen Alfaro
Your Peaceful Meditation Space Designer

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2 thoughts on “How To Escape The Age of Ignorance”

  1. Wow. This is like a wisdom sword, cutting through the net of our ignorance. I definitely believe that ignorance is the cause of all of our suffering. There are so many mis-perceptions in people’s minds about ourselves, others, and the world that cause us a lot of pain. Let’s all heal our ignorance with the light of wisdom!

    1. Knowing that we have ignorance is the beginning of finding the truth. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a great day!

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